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Measureschool Videos

We bring out free Videos on YouTube on a weekly basis. Our Tutorials feature videos on Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Data Studio, Sheets and many more tools for the Modern Marketer. Have a look what we have in store. You won't be disappointed

Free Google Tag Manager Beginners Course

Free Google Tag Manager Beginners Course

Start your Google Tag Manager journey right. Our 5 day Google Tag Manager for Beginners course takes you through the most important parts you need to understand about GTM and why you should be using this tracking tool for your Measurement.

Free Google Analytics for Beginners course

So you want to know what Google Analytics is all about? In this short course I'm going to teach you the basics of the tool including what it exactly is, how to install and use it to go from data to insights. Perfect for anyone who wants to get a quick overview.

Free Course "Correct Google Analytics Setup" 

99% of Google Analytics implementations are faulty or underutilized. Setting up Google Analytics correctly is the first step to clean and reliable data. Join me on a journey through the most important parts to setup in your GA account (Checklist included)