CBO for Facebook Ads – An Introduction (feat. Ian from Attn Labs)

Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) aims to better distribute your campaign’s budget across all the ad sets in your campaign. It’s no longer planned to be a mandatory feature, but as ad platforms move towards AI driven decision making, make sure that you’re on top of how this new feature works. In this video, we have invited Ian from “Attn Labs” on the channel to give us a little run down of how CBO works.

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Google BigQuery Tutorial (2020)

Google BigQuery Tutorial 2020 blog featured image

Google BigQuery is part of the Google Cloud Platform and provides a data warehouse on demand. You can upload structured data into tables and use Google’s cloud infrastructure to quickly analyze millions of data rows in seconds. In this Google BigQuery tutorial, we’ll give you a quick overview of how you can use BigQuery to maximize your workflow efficiency.

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