3 Ways to Export Data from Google Analytics to Google Sheets


Google Analytics is great, and Google Sheets is great—but Google Analytics data in a Google spreadsheet is even better. 

Using built-in functionalities of Google Sheets, you can combine analytics data from various sources, transform it, and analyze it with ease. You can even connect it to data visualization tools like Google Data Studio to share your data with others.

So Google Sheets is a really cool tool for data analysis. But first, we need to somehow get all of our data from Google Analytics onto a spreadsheet.

How do we do this?

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Using the DOM Element Variable in GTM to “Scrape” a Website


The DOM (Document Object Model) Element Variable is a powerful Variable in Google Tag Manager to scrape content directly from your Website HTML markup.

With its help, you can transfer any value from your website into a Variable and pass it on to your Marketing tools, as long as it is selectable in the DOM.

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How to use RegEx for Google Tag Manager – The Ultimate Guide


Regular Expressions, or “RegEx,” is a powerful criteria-based language that can dramatically boost your data-driven digital marketing.

In Google Tag Manager, RegEx lets you create super versatile and precise tracking deployments. You can save a lot of time and consolidate most of your Tags, triggers, and variables just by using RegEx.

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Advanced OptinMonster Triggers for Popups with Google Tag Manager

How to Trigger OptinMonster Popups with Google Tag Manager blog featured image

Are you looking to generate more leads from your existing site traffic?

Wish you could show popups to people based on CRM data and other data points?

If so, OptinMonster might be the tool for the job.

Personally, I like using OptinMonster on my own website to offer course signups and resource downloads. You can also use them to grow your email list by offering bonuses like discounts or other exclusive benefits.

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Google Analytics Audit – Our Process for Optimal Data Quality

Google Analytics Audit - Our Process for Optimal Data Quality blog featured image

Do you want to learn how to audit a Google Analytics account?

You can save money by performing your own audits, or you can make money by conducting audits for others.

In this guide, we will explain our approach to Google Analytics audits to help clients enhance their SEO and enhance their data quality.

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