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Here is Your Chance To
Master Google Tag Manager

Learn GTM from the ground up and set the stage for high quality data.

Why do most people fail at learning GTM?

Every Analytics Process starts with Measurement and Google Tag Manager is the most important tool to gather high quality, actionable data. Yet, since it’s inception Marketers are struggling to learn the tool. 

But why?

Google Tag Manager is simple,
but not easy

Raise your hand if you ever found yourself stuck in GTM and...


You’re most certainly not alone. Here’s why…

As marketers we just want instant results – that next hack that will grow our business.

And Google Tag Manager seems easy enough. Just click a few buttons, define a trigger, and your tags are deployed.

But while the marketing makes it out to be so easy, there is a whole lot more going on under the hood. And those who understand the underlying concepts of GTM, are able to utilize it’s full potential.

That’s why learning the Essentials is crucial to mastering the tool.

Julian Juenemann

Introducing GTM Essentials Training

Learn Google Tag Manager the right way: From the ground up with a deep dive on the Essentials, that will make you a better Marketer. This course is re-recorded from the ground up and ready for the newest tracking challenges.

Google Tag Manager Essentials Training

Module 1 - Introduction

Dive into the basics of GTM, understand its structure, and learn how to set it up for your website.

  • What is GTM?
  • Why use GTM?
  • The Tag Deployment Process
  • Manage Different Websites and Accounts with GTM.
  • Install GTM onto Your Website.
  • Efficiently Deploy Tags via GTM

Module 2 – Deep Dive into Google Tag Manager

Delve deeper into the core functionalities and pillars of GTM.

  • Understanding the 5 Pillars of GTM
  • the GTM dataLayer explained
  • Using Variables to make your tags dynamic.
  • Build Triggers to Rule Your Tag Deployment.
  • GTM Auto event Triggers.
  • The final piece: GTM Tags

Module 3 – Deploying Tags with Google Tag Manager

Master the art of tag deployment for various platforms and purposes.

  • Install Google Analytics Pageview Tracking with GTM.
  • Track Interactions with GTM and Google Analytics 4 (Events).
  • Deploy Conversion Tracking with GTM (ex. Meta Pixel).
  • Installing Retargeting Codes with GTM(ex. GAds).
  • Deploy Other Marketing Codes through GTM.

Module 4 – Google Tag Manager Advanced

Elevate your GTM skills with advanced techniques and strategies.

  • Enhance Your Tag Deployment with Advanced Variable Use.
  • GA4 Ecommerce Tracking Setup with GTM.
  • Making GTM work with Consent Managers.
  • Debug Your GTM Implementation.
  • Server-Side Tagging with GTM – Do I need it?
  • The best resources to learn more about GTM

Want to Learn More? Get these Exclusive Bonuses:

Exclusive BONUS Courses

As part of our New Year’s Deal you’ll receive 3 exclusive courses to build your knowledge around Google Tag Manager further.

Source Tracking w/ UTM Parameters

Revamp your marketing by mastering UTM parameters to effectively track performance of your campaigns.

Length: 1:30 h

Level: Intermediate

GTM Server-Side Tagging Basics

Proxy your tracking requests with GTM Server-Side Setup and send your tracking to Meta and Google.

Length: 0:45h

Level: Advanced

GA4 Fundamentals Training

Google Analytics 4 is the new tool from Google to track your Website Visitors. Learn the ins and outs and get started with GA4.

Length: 3h

Level: Beginner


Get MeasureSchool Certified with GTM

Boost your  credentials! Get Certified with Google Tag Manager, showcasing your expertise and elevating your career prospects.

Real World Challenges to Complete

Enhance your learning experience with Real World Challenges, designed to test and refine your GTM skills in practical, hands-on scenarios.

Q & A with Julian to Answer the Tough Questions

Gain invaluable insights with our special bonus: a Q&A session with Julian, where you can get all your tough GTM questions answered by an expert.

Meet Your Instructor

Julian Juenemann, Founder of MeasureSchool

Julian Juenemann

MeasureMasters is powered by Julian Juenemann and his small team at MeasureSchool. He learned the ropes of Digital Marketing in different startups he co-founded and quickly became fascinated with how data-driven this world could be.

After launching his consultancy, JJAnalytics in 2013, he began helping other businesses adopt the data-driven way of Digital Marketing.

In 2015, he launched the MeasureSchool YouTube channel to reach out and teach this new way of marketing to others. With over 175,000 subscribers, MeasureSchool has become the leading video source for many marketers to learn these data-driven methods.

In his spare time, Julian enjoys playing the guitar, watching YouTube, and hacking around in JavaScript.

Real World Results

Dive into the stories of our learners who have transformed their analytics skills and achieved measurable career success with our GTM Essentials Training.

MeasureSchool has become my ongoing resource for anything Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager-related and has recently opened new career opportunities for me. Thank you very much, Julian. I am looking forward to your new videos and courses.

Khristina Rustanovich

I thought this course was great. I was already GA-certified, but I had done very little with GTM. Now I feel I could tackle just about anything with GTM.

Fred Pike

Great course for anyone who wants to build a solid foundation in applying the GTM concepts. Julian is able to breakdown the material so that it is easy to understand and apply. Quick follow up in answering questions as well. Well worth the investment!

Paul Koks

GTM Essentials Training

$ 597 One-Time Payment
  • Lifetime Access to the course material
  • Access to our Demo Shop
  • Incl. Tools and Templates
  • Ask-the-Instructor Support
  • +3 exclusive Bonus courses

Our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee

When you join the GTM Essentials Training, you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don’t feel like you’ve received value and decide to cancel within the next 10 days, just let us know, and we’ll send you a prompt refund No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through.

See what others who've up levelled their skills have said..

"Julian's expertise teaches us to be experts to our clients"

"The single most beneficial learning system for me for Analytics implementation"

Josh Silverbauer

"I go into a business and help them using Julian's systems."

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Tag Manager is a free tool that allows you to manage and deploy marketing tags (snippets of code or tracking pixels) on your website without modifying the code.

This course is designed for beginners new to GTM and intermediate users looking to deepen their knowledge and skills.

No prior experience with GTM is required. We’ll start with the basics and gradually move to more advanced topics.

Once enrolled, you’ll have lifetime access to all course materials, including any updates or additions.

We offer dedicated support through our course platform. Comment underneath the video, and we’ll get back to you soon. 

Absolutely! If, within 10 days of purchase, you’re not satisfied with the course, we offer a full refund, no questions asked.

Comparison equals Unhappiness, so we won’t try to compare this course against others. That said, of course there are many resources out there to learn GTM and other courses teaching this material. This one though is taught by Julian, who you might have seen on YT already. It is the 5th iteration of the course and has been refined over many years. Additionally it doesn’t try to be the most comprehensive course around, but the most effective one, meaning you spend your time learning wisely. 

We hope you give it a shot.

We’re here to assist you! Reach out to us at

Yes, we have just completely redone the course and finished filming in November 2023.

Ready to learn GTM once and for all?

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your analytics expertise and advance your career. Enroll today to start your journey towards becoming a GTM master.