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We help you when you wish you had a tracking expert on your team to fix your setup and keep your data flowing!


Your business runs on data....

What if it breaks down? Who do you call? Do you have a dedicated tracking specialist on your team?

No matter the client, platform, or app you are using our dedicated tracking experts help you identify the problem and fix it.

MeasureHero is your tracking expert that’s part of your team. Pay a flat fee per month and have access to a dedicated tracking specialist at the click of button.


During our audit we identify tracking issues before you are aware of them.


We run tests to identify errors and explore potential solutions.


We are your trusted advisor for all your tracking needs.


We implement changes and fix your issues so you don't have to.


Done For You Tracking Issue Solving

Write us a message on Slack

Write us a quick message or question on your dedicated Slack channel and one of our Measurement Specialists will jump on and help.


We'll get on it

Depending on the request we'll work on fixing it, setting it up, and getting things done to your satisfaction. We are here for you Monday to Friday during normal business hours.

Be back on track in no time....

Validate data is flowing into your accounts and you are ready to restart your campaign.

Something not working? No problem... we'll stay on the case until your tracking works.


So Why Work with us?

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

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$999 / month *

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 Slack Integration for 1 on 1 communication ✔

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5 seat access to our training library ✔

Exclusive rates when monthly limit is reached ✔

* 3 months minimum commitment

Frequently Asked Questions

We can help you out with any kind of request that is related to troubleshooting your existing tracking, analytics and data. Examples include:

– Conversion Tracking broke, please help fix it
– I get an error in Data Studio, what is going on?
– We want to track conversions on Form Submit, can you set it up?
– What is Server-Side Tagging and how can I utilize it?

Any time you write us a message on Slack or Email it will be brought in as a request and added to our que. We can only be dealing with ONE request at a time. For bigger requests, we suggest you break them down into smaller chunks.

Any time you ask us to fix something, we’ll need access to the right systems. The access level depends on the tool we are dealing with. We’ll try to keep the access as minimal as possible to reduce liability on your and our side.

Passwords can be shared securely through LastPass.

While we have the capability to train teams, this service is not for that. We are your team and helping you resolve tracking issues. You will learn from doing with our experts but formalized training is not included.

We are pretty fast! With that said we need a few days to get access to your account and do an audit so we understand how it is set up. Once those are done we can then accept requests.

That depends on the request itself. We usually aim to get back to you within 12h of your submission. Then we’ll get on the case to help you solve it. This can be anywhere between 5 minutes to multiple hours. That said, we are pretty fast and know what we are doing, so it should be too long.

Reporting. We do not support setting up reports from scratch for you.

Data Analysis. We can’t come through data and produce “insight” for you on demand. This task would require a separate project.

Admin & Coding. We can support getting the right codes installed and making sure your tracking works, but we can support you in administrating a server or writing custom application code for you.

No, generally we are not. We are sticking to usual business hours (9-5pm) CET. We don’t work on weekends. Depending in which country you are based in, there might be days that aren’t holidays in Europe and we are available, but no guarantees.

Yes, generally you can book a call with us to look into a problem together or get an opinion. These are only available with prior notice and booking.

We prefer to keep things in Slack. So for a faster response please write us there.

No, our plans include tracking support. That is we help you with any difficulties around the tracking side. We do not analyze the data for you or create any reporting. We can however help you out solving any issues with your existing reporting.

Did we miss your question? Book a call with us right here.

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