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Level-Up Your Website Tracking Using Server-Side GTM

Achieve exceptional data accuracy and website performance with Server Side GTM. Easily customize and integrate for your clients, transforming your agency’s tracking capabilities and elevating performance to new heights.

Server-Side Tagging

Supercharge Your Tracking with Server Side GTM

Server Side Google Tag Manager, or SGTM, is a powerful tool that allows you to move measurement and advertising tags off your website and into a secure server environment.

This innovative approach improves page performance, data quality, and user privacy controls.

By running a GTM container in a server-side environment, you can streamline tracking across devices and applications, ultimately enhancing your marketing campaigns and SEO strategies.

Let Measure School's Server-Side GTM take over

Comprehensive Setup

We help you install and use Google Tag Manager on your website or app, providing professional support throughout the process.

Julian Juenemann

Ongoing Support

We’ll maintain and troubleshoot your tracking system for accurate results, allowing you to focus on your business worry-free.

Regular Updates

Our GTM improves your online business while keeping up with the latest tech trends. Count on our team for regular updates and assistance to achieve your goals.

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Broken Tracking codes are bad for your website!

Using Server-Side GTM can improve your website beyond just better data.


Don't tracking protections hold back your data. Server Side GTM ensures precise tracking for better decision-making.

Slow Website Performance

Improve your website's speed and user experience with our efficient tracking solution, minimizing the impact on performance.

Complex Implementation

Simplify setting up and managing tracking with our user-friendly Server Side GTM platform.

The Measure School Difference

Data-Driven Decision Making

Benefit from MeasureSchool's unmatched accuracy in data analysis and insights, enabling you to make informed decisions based on reliable information.

Seamless Integration and Efficiency

Effortlessly integrate our solutions with your existing marketing tools and platforms, creating a cohesive and efficient system that saves you time and resources.

Expert Guidance for Success​

Receive dedicated assistance from our team of knowledgeable professionals who provide expert tracking support and guide you every step of the way towards achieving success.

Customized Strategies for Maximum Results​

Tailor our data-driven marketing strategies to meet your unique needs, ensuring maximum effectiveness, improved website performance, increased engagement, conversions, and revenue.

The Road to Success

The MeasureSchool 3-Phase Approach to Unlock Exceptional Results



We identify areas of improvement and uncover valuable insights to create a data-driven marketing strategy.



We implement data-driven solutions, ensuring your website is optimized for maximum engagement and conversion.



We continuously monitor and optimize your tracking setup to ensure maximum accuracy and efficiency.

Voices from the MeasureSchool Community

Francesco Cifardi Founder, Aurea Stratego

MeasureSchool is the best resource on the internet for marketers that need to get technical with analytics!

Stuart Scotten Sr. Business Analyst (UX & Web Analytics)

This course added a skill set to my resume that got me my job. I was a BA/PM with an interest in analytics and when my team initiated an analytics offering to our clients I combined this course while working alongside the implemetation agency. When they left I took over without missing a step.

Mike Montefusco Personal Trainer

Measureschool is definitely best learning platform if you want to learn to work with Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Data studio etc. Due to their help even marketers without coding knowledge, like me, can track many things themselves without depending on help from developers.

Khristina Rustanovich Freelancer

My clients tell me that I am a wizard when I explain what we can do with Google Tag Manager without any developer help. MeasureSchool has become my ongoing resource for anything Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager-related and has recently opened new career opportunities for me. Thank you very much, Julian. I am looking forward to your new videos and courses.

Patrick Purchalka Facebook Ads Specialist

There are two things I can say for sure about Julian: 1. He has immense knowledge about GTM. 2. He has attention to detail. As a result you get a complete and well thought out course on GTM. The exercises for every module will help you practice what you've learned, making the freshly acquired knowledge stick. I highly recommend this course.

Iva Obrovac 404 Agency

Google Tag Manager Essentials Training was everything I expected! I have learned a lot about some basic stuff I didn't completely understand before. Julian is a great trainer and I'm already thinking about signing up for the advanced training. As I am already working with Google Tag Manager, some of the exercises were easy, but there were also some more advanced techniques that will really help me in my job. I'd recommend Measure School and Julian to anybody who wants to get some real Google Tag Manager knowledge!


Explore common questions we get about our Server Side GTM service.

Server Side GTM is a tracking solution that helps digital marketing and SEO agencies improve the accuracy and efficiency of their website tracking.

Server Side GTM collects and processes tracking data on the server side, reducing the impact on website performance and ensuring more accurate data.

Yes, our team handles the entire implementation process, making it simple and hassle-free for your agency.

By processing tracking data on the server side, Server Side GTM minimizes the impact on website performance, resulting in a faster and more efficient user experience.

Our team of experts is always available to provide support and assistance, ensuring your tracking remains accurate and efficient.

We continuously update and improve our Server Side GTM solution to ensure it remains at the forefront of tracking technology.

Server Side GTM enables you to make better-informed decisions for your marketing campaigns by providing more accurate tracking data.

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