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Master the Art of Tracking and become the Data expert your clients need.

Take the direct path to become a master in Analytics and create ROI from your marketing, the data-driven way.

Are you here to solve your next
conversion button form attribution tracking problem?

Well, maybe that’s not the right question to be asking.

You see, when starting out in marketing, most people often read a bunch of blogs, take a ton of courses and dive right into measuring anything and everything they can. They love keeping up with the latest tricks and tactics out there.

But the thing is, the more tracking you install, and the more data you collect…

You can quickly end up being data-drowned, instead of data-driven.

Raise your hand if you've ever setup a new campaign or taken on a new client or project and found yourself..

You’re most certainly not alone. Here’s why…

As marketers we just want instant results – that next hack that will grow our business.

Most people think that measurement is all about installing pixels, and tracking codes and finding the next hack, tweak or tool that’s going to magically make all your marketing take off.

But measurement is about looking at data as an an interconnected story that shows how your prospects are responding to your marketing so that you can keep a conversation moving and lead potential customers towards a sale.

So whilst knowing all the newest tools and hacks are cool, what really turns you into an ROI generating asset to any business is knowing exactly where to look to drive growth and results.

An Approach to Analytics That Works

Measurement is a strategic approach to analytics that delivers the insights you need to make decisions that move the needle. 

Here at Measure School, we call this The Journey to Measure Mastery.

STEP 1: Measure What Matters
With a clear plan of action before you start messing with any tools, you’re able to setup tracking yourself and measure only the most crucial KPls that are relevant to your business.

You need to master:

  • Planning your Measurement Strategy
  • Implementing Tracking
  • Audit and maintain your Implementation

STEP 2: Uncover Insights
Raw data doesn’t tell you much, but with the skills to ask the right questions, you’re able to uncover valuable insights, translate them into reports & dashboards which tell a clear story of your customer behaviour.

You need to master:

  • Creating Data Reports
  • Analysing data
  • Building a data habit

STEP 3: Translate Into Action
Activating your data is about turning your insights into results. With a clear picture of what your data is telling you, you know how, when and what to optimize to drive results and confidently communicate these recommendations to get decision-makers on board.

You need to master:

  • Building compelling Data Visualizations
  • Data Story-Telling
  • Moving people to data decision making

Now, the reality of measurement is that even with a clear path to follow, it’s an industry that changes as fast as you can keep up,
...and let’s be honest, can be complicated.

That’s exactly why we created MeasureMasters

MeasureMasters is an All In One growth platform that provides digital marketers with a direct path to become a master of Tracking and Analytics.

Measure Masters

Go from data rookie to master in months, not years!

What makes MeasureMasters different?

Tracking Confidence

How to confidently set up any kind of tracking and measure the most crucial data points in a business that you trust and can use to stir your marketing.

Pattern Spotting

How to see through the “code” of any data set into the story beneath. You’ll know how to ask the right questions that lead you to discover insights from new angles which lead to tangible ROI.


What improvements or optimizations need to happen to drive results and move prospects along the path to a sale and how to communicate your insights to get others on board with your recommendations so change happens.

Here's what you get inside Measure Masters

MeasureMasters In Depth Training

Value $12,000

World Class In Depth Training

Develop your Measurement skills further step-by-step. Our Training Library features 20+ Courses, Iessons and trainings that will help you to master the techniques and tools you will need for your measurement.

Google Tag Manager for Beginners
Looker Studio for Beginners
Looker Studio Foundations
Source Tracking with UTM Parameters
GA4 Deep Dive
GA4 Setup & Configuration
GA4 Reporting
Analyze GA4 Data in BigQuery
GTM for GAds Professionals (2022)
Translating Data into Action
GA4 Fundamentals
Uncovering Insights
Privacy Conscious Tracking
Measurement Course
GTM Server Side Tagging

Facebook Pixel Tracking
Google Tag Manager Essentials Training
BigQuery for Marketers
Google Tag Manager Beyond the Basics
GTM dataLayer Writing Workshop
JavaScript for GTM
Google Sheets for Data Analysis
Google Analytics for Beginners
Advanced Google Analytics Integrations with Google Tag Manager
Introduction to APIs with Postman App
JavaScript and the DOM
JavaScript Basics for Marketers
HTML & CSS for Marketers
Facebook Pixel Tracking (2018)
Building Dashboards with Looker Studio
Google Analytics for Beginners
Google Tag Manager Essentials Training (Legacy)
Correct Google Analytics Setup
Google Tag Manager for Beginners
GTM Auto-Event Tracking Course
Advanced Event Tracking with GTM
GTM for AdWords Professionals

MeasureMasters Tools & Resources

Value $8,000

Time Saving Tools

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you want to do something. Our handy guides, templates and tools make it easy for you to concentrate on what you do best (your marketing) and make you more efficient. Some of our tools:

Data Pipeline – Search Console Historical Data to BigQuery
GA4 Configuration Planner
Looker Studio dashboard Migration: UA to GA4 data
Bookmarklet – Sort GA4 Event Params
UTM Builder
Google Analytics Permissions Explorer (UA & GA4)
Query GA4 data in BigQuery
Google Analytics 4 Audit Template
Measurement SOPs (Processes)
Shopify Data Layer Specifications
and much more

MeasureMasters Community & Coaching

Value $2,500

Community & Coaching

Our MasterCircle is our community full of Data-Driven
Marketers just like you. Get and give advice on questions you may
have and learn from the approaches that others have discovered.
We also do a Live Q&A on Zoom every month (just for members).

MeasureMasters Mentor Support

Value $4,500

MeasureMentor Support

Sometimes you just need someone to have a look and give you feedback. In our MeasureMentor section, you’ll be able to request custom help from Julian and the MeasureMasters team to help you out on your specific issues to get you unstuck.

Total Value: $27,000

See for yourself what you get inside the Measure
Masters community

Become a Measure Master


Unlock Access to:

 Course & Tutorial Library

Measurement Toolkit

Monthly Live Trainings

MasterCircle Community

AskUs Sessions & MeasureMind Calls

See what other Measure Masters who've uplevelled
their skills have said..

"Julian's expertise teaches us to be experts to our clients"

"MeasureMasters is the most powerful thing ever..."

"I go into a business and help them using Julian's systems."

"The single most beneficial learning system for me for Analytics implementation"

Josh Silverbauer

"It has helped me with getting more profit and more clients.. definitely recommend MeasureMasters."

Karina Taugwalder

Online Presence Care

So who is Measure Masters For?

We created Measure Masters specifically for agency owners, freelancers, and digital
marketers who want to specialize in data and tracking and want the support, training, and knowledge to level up.

In an industry where things are constantly changing and you need to stay top of your game,
we’ve got you covered.

So to help you make a great decision for yourself or your company,
Measure Masters is..

Perfect for you if you..

Not a great fit if you…

Get ahead of the curve and on top of an ever evolving industry.
Become a Measure Master today.

"MeasureSchool has allowed me to charge more for my services."

Uplevel your skills & become the data expert your clients need

What makes MeasureMasters different?

We're dedicated expert instructors

Not only is Julian himself fully invested in helping you with your questions, we feature some of the best minds in data and analytics as trainers.

We're not just marketers, we're teachers at heart

Our focus has always been education. We don’t run a big advertising agency and teach on the side. We aim to give you a fun and easy-going environment to learn and better yourself, in contrast to the high-pressure, demanding world of professional marketing.

We are not a course, we are a community!

Our membership is alive! With our private group, monthly workshops and yearly summits, there is always something going on in MeasureMasters to get involved with. Plus you’ll feel right at home with such a great bunch of members all on the same path as you.

Meet Your Instructors

Julian Juenemann, Founder of MeasureSchool

Julian Juenemann

MeasureMasters is powered by Julian Juenemann and his small team at MeasureSchool. He learned the ropes of Digital Marketing in different startups he co-founded and quickly became fascinated with how data-driven this world could be.

After launching his consultancy, JJAnalytics in 2013, he began helping other businesses adopt the data-driven way of Digital Marketing.

In 2015, he launched the MeasureSchool YouTube channel to reach out and teach this new way of marketing to others. With over 150,000 subscribers, MeasureSchool has become the leading video source for many marketers to learn these data-driven methods.

In his spare time, Julian enjoys playing the guitar, watching YouTube, and hacking around in JavaScript.


Sofiia Wycisk

Sofiia is a digital marketing enthusiast who always rises to the challenge. She loves solving tracking riddles and strives to share her passion for technologies with other marketers. 

Her superpowers are GA4, GTM & memes creation. Before joining MeasureSchool, Sofiia was working in the Technical Solutions Team which is the official Google support. She helped people boost their business strategies by solving 1000+ tracking cases.

She was promoted to Trainer and helped 120+ like-minded marketing enthusiasts enter the world of tracking. Now she is sharing her passion for measurement on YT.

In her free time, she loves traveling to different countries with her little Shiba Inu.

money back guarantee

14-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

When you join MeasureMasters, you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don’t feel like you’ve received value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the next 14 days, just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund. No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through.


Learning tends to get put on the back burner. Especially when there are more urgent tasks that need your attention.

However, marketers who prioritise higher value learning, and more importantly, surround themselves with smarter people than themselves, will accelerate their skills, career and business in marketing faster than those that don’t.

The answer is probably: Yes!

There is tons of free content out there on the internet (For instance on our YouTube Channel and Blog)

But, sometimes having access to a bunch of content isn’t enough – you need to cut through the BS, find out what’s relevant for you and actually put what you have learned into practice.

With MeasureMasters we took a lot of the work over for you. And besides, MeasureMasters is more than just content. You will be able to build relationships, get your questions answered, and stay up to date on the latest topics in analytics, data and tracking.

As with the foundation of a house, being able to measure and use data is at the core of what makes you as a marketer and your business strong. Those who can’t master data in this new digital era will soon be pushed aside by those that can.

We regularly update our content and are always adding new tools that we cover like BigQuery and Looker Studio.

And don’t forget, you get access to our private community of experts to ask specific questions too.

We have courses of varying difficulty, from beginner all the way to advanced.