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Explore Some of Our Web Analytics Courses

Welcome to our curated selection of courses designed to empower you with valuable skills and knowledge. We’ve selected our Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, and Looker Studio courses suitable for beginners and advanced users.


Free Courses for You

Free Course:
Google Tag Manager for Beginners

Google Tag Manager course

Length: 1.1 hours

Start your Google Tag Manager journey right. We have created this beginner course in which Julian will introduce you to GTM and will help you to get started with your first tag deployments, tracking setup, and more.

Free Course:
Looker Studio for Beginners

Looker Studio logo

Length: 1.2 hours

Learn to communicate the value that you create with your marketing by creating stunning Looker Studio dashboards. Learn how to use all the main features and create your very first report with this course.

Free Course:
Google Analytics 4 for Beginners

GA4 Beginners Course

 Length: 50min

Get yourself started with GA4 the right way. This course will take you step-by-step through everything you need to know. GA4 is not really an update but a completely new tool, and it needs to be treated this way. 

Free Course:
How to Sell GA4 Services

GA4 Beginners Course

 Length: 55min

Do you know Google Analytics 4? Turn your skills into a profitable investment and start making money. In this mini-course, we’re going to show you what to sell and how to make money with your skills.

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Individual Courses to Help Your Web Analytics Journey

GA4 Firefighting Kit

GA4 Firefighter Kit

Our library is stocked with 17 simple-to-follow SOPs, each tailored to standardize your GA4 transition and proficiency. These are not mere generic instructions; they’re fire-tested guidelines that my team and I have utilized repeatedly. Each SOP is crafted to address a specific aspect of GA4, enabling you to handle the setup and management of GA4 with precision and certainty.

Google Tag Manager Beyond the Basics Course

Google Tag Manager Beyond the Basics Course

The logical next step for marketers who loved our free beginner’s course. Full of tutorials, challenges & tools to kick start your experimentation in Google Tag Manager. With this course we’ll try to get more familiar with GTM, try out more Tracking techniques, learn some advanced features and simply go Beyond the Basics.

In-Depth Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4 Training

Google Tag Manager Essentials Training

Google Tag Manager Essentials Training

You want to master Google Tag Manager from basics to advanced techniques? This Google Tag Manager training will speed up your learning process and help you become proficient in this tool. You’ll also get a certification and bunch of other useful resources.

Google Analytics 4 Fundamentals Training

Google Analytics 4 Fundamentals Training

Do you want to get started with GA4 but are unsure where? This Google Analytics training will help you even if you’re starting from scratch. Master the GA4 tool along with lots of tips and tricks. In the end, you’ll receive a certification and other useful resources.

Free Guides & Tutorials

We bring out free tutorials multiple times per week. Our tutorials feature Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Looker Studio, Google Sheets and many more tools for the Modern Marketer. Have a look at the tones of tutorial content we have already put out there. You won’t be disappointed!

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If you’re a beginner, the first step would be going through our free courses.

Afterwards we’d recommend going through our individual digital analytics courses.

If you’re really passionate about data and analytics, we’d recommend our MeasureMasters membership which offers much more than just courses. It will provide you with learning materials, but also with guidance and support whenever you need it.

From all of the displayed web analytics courses only Google Tag Manager Beyond the Basics course is recommended for those that have covered the basics from the free Google Tag Manager for beginners course.

The rest are suited for both beginners and ones wanting to make sure that they have covered all the basics.

Unfortunately not. To get access to a demo shop, please check out this post or join our paid membership to gain access.