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Server-Side Tagging Services


Managed GTM Servers for your Tagging needs fully supported by MeasureSchool’s experts.

Thinking about starting up your own GTM Server? Not so fast!

Running a Server for Server-Side tagging with GTM is a whole different beast than what you might be used to on the Client-Side. The interface might seem similar, but have you considered:

Server Setup and Maintenance

Setting up a GTM Server in the Google Cloud and maintaining it is NOT simple. You need to know what to look out for and audit on a regular basis

Migration of Tags to Server-Side GTM

Server-Side GTM is fundamentally different from tagging on the client side. Knowing how to setup and check your tag implementation is crucial for accurate data

Cost optimization and Troubleshooting

Although Google Cloud is the provider of your GTM Server instance, they don’t support it when things go wrong. You need to be able to optimize and troubleshoot your GTM Server constantly


Enhance Data Accuracy

Client-side tracking is often blocked by ad blockers and browser restrictions, leading to incomplete data. Server-side tracking ensures more accurate data collection, reducing discrepancies between your analytics and CRM.

Extend Cookie Lifespan

With third-party cookies becoming less reliable, server-side tracking uses first-party cookies that last longer. This means more consistent tracking and better data over time.

Optimize Website Speed

Offloading tracking to the server reduces page load times, improving user experience and SEO rankings. Faster websites lead to lower bounce rates and better engagement.

Control Your Data

Server-side tracking gives you complete control over what data is shared with vendors, ensuring privacy and compliance with regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Mitigate Ad Blockers

Server-side tracking can help bypass ad blockers by using a custom subdomain, significantly improving tracking effectiveness. While it can't completely eliminate the impact of ad blockers, it greatly reduces their effect, ensuring more reliable data collection.

Secure Your Data

By keeping tracking IDs hidden, server-side tracking adds an extra layer of security, protecting your data from spam and unauthorized access.

If you want to take advantage of these benefits AND not worry about your GTM Server

Let us take care of


Entire Cloud Infrastructure

From setting up the Cloud Server to Conversion API to the tags & triggers. We will take care of everything.


Ongoing Support​

We’ll maintain and troubleshoot your tracking system for accurate results, allowing you to focus on your business worry-free.


Regular Updates

Our Managed Server-side tagging services will improve your online business while keeping up with the latest tech trends. Count on our team for regular updates and assistance to achieve your goals.


6 Reasons You Need Managed Server-Side Tagging

Expert Implementation

Benefit from our team's expertise in setting up and managing server-side tagging, ensuring accurate data collection and seamless integration with platforms like GA4, Google Ads, Facebook/Meta Conversion API, TikTok Conversion API & many more vendors.

Fixed Pricing

With our managed service, you pay a fixed monthly fee, eliminating unpredictable cloud charges and helping you confidently manage your budget.

Comprehensive Support

Enjoy ongoing maintenance and support without the hassle of managing cloud servers or paying extra for services like Meta Conversion API gateway, which are included in our managed service package.

Conversion APIs

Leverage advanced conversion APIs, such as Facebook/Meta Conversion API and TikTok Conversion API, to enhance your data collection and ad targeting. These APIs help you track user interactions more accurately, reduce data loss due to browser restrictions, and improve the overall effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

Customized Solutions

Tailored solutions to meet your specific tagging and data integration needs, providing flexibility and efficiency in managing your analytics and advertising requirements.

Enhanced ROI

Maximize your return on investment with optimized server-side tagging that improves data accuracy, enhances campaign performance, and supports better decision-making for your business.



Best for Small & Medium Websites
$ 297* Monthly
  • 100% Free Initial Setup/Implementation
  • Up to 5 Million Requests
  • Custom Subdomain
  • Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Integration
  • Google Ads Enhanced Conversion
  • Facebook/Meta Conversion API
  • Up to 3 Additional Conversion APIs
  • Email Support
  • Usage Dashboard
  • Free 1-Hour Zoom Consultation/Troubleshooting Call Each Month
early bird


Best for Larger Websites
$ 697* Monthly
  • Everything included in Standard Plan
  • Up to 25 Million Requests
  • Up to 5 Additional Conversion APIs
  • Priority Support - Email/Slack
  • Free 3-Hour Zoom Consultation/Troubleshooting Call Each Month
early bird
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This course added a skill set to my resume that got me my job. I was a BA/PM with an interest in analytics and when my team initiated an analytics offering to our clients I combined this course while working alongside the implemetation agency. When they left I took over without missing a step.

Stuart Scotten Sr. Business Analyst (UX & Web Analytics)

Measureschool is definitely best learning platform if you want to learn to work with Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Data studio etc. Due to their help even marketers without coding knowledge, like me, can track many things themselves without depending on help from developers.

Mike Montefusco Personal Trainer

My clients tell me that I am a wizard when I explain what we can do with Google Tag Manager without any developer help. MeasureSchool has become my ongoing resource for anything Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager-related and has recently opened new career opportunities for me. Thank you very much, Julian. I am looking forward to your new videos and courses.

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There are two things I can say for sure about Julian: 1. He has immense knowledge about GTM. 2. He has attention to detail. As a result you get a complete and well thought out course on GTM. The exercises for every module will help you practice what you've learned, making the freshly acquired knowledge stick. I highly recommend this course.

Patrick Purchalka Facebook Ads Specialist

Google Tag Manager Essentials Training was everything I expected! I have learned a lot about some basic stuff I didn't completely understand before. Julian is a great trainer and I'm already thinking about signing up for the advanced training. As I am already working with Google Tag Manager, some of the exercises were easy, but there were also some more advanced techniques that will really help me in my job. I'd recommend Measure School and Julian to anybody who wants to get some real Google Tag Manager knowledge!

Iva Obrovac 404 Agency

Your questions, answered

Server-side GTM allows you to move tracking and analytics tags from the client (browser) to the server. This enhances website performance, security, and data accuracy.

By moving tracking scripts to the server, server-side GTM reduces the load on your website, leading to faster page load times and better user experience.

Our subscription includes hosting the server-side GTM on Google Cloud, implementing and managing tags, triggers, and variables, and handling all technical aspects. We also cover all Google Cloud costs associated with hosting.

You can determine which plan to choose by checking how many events/hits are processed by your GA4 property. Go to Reports > Engagement > Events and look for the total number of events for a month. One event equals one request. Based on this, you can choose the Standard plan, which supports up to 5 million hits, or the Enterprise plan, which supports up to 25 million hits per month.

No, you don't need any technical knowledge. We handle all the technical details, from setup to ongoing maintenance, so you can focus on your business.

Yes, we do. We also assist with implementing other Conversion APIs such as TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat.

No, there are no additional costs. The subscription fee covers all Google Cloud expenses for hosting the server-side GTM.

You can implement a wide variety of tags including analytics, advertising, and custom tags. We’ll work with you to set up the tags you need.

We provide ongoing maintenance and support for your server-side tagging implementation, including troubleshooting and assistance with integration with third-party platforms.

Yes, you will retain control over your tags and tracking. We handle the technical implementation, but you decide what tags to use and when to deploy them.

Yes, server-side GTM can be integrated with a wide range of analytics tools such as Google Analytics, BigQuery, and other third-party platforms.

We offer comprehensive support including setup assistance, ongoing maintenance, and troubleshooting. Our team is available to help with any issues or questions you might have.

We regularly update your GTM setup to ensure it remains secure and effective. This includes implementing best practices and adapting to any changes in your tracking requirements.

Yes, a minimum commitment of 6 months is required for our services.

Yes, we will provide you with a container export file, which you can import into a new container.


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