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MeasureSummit 2023 – The First Virtual Analytics Event

Last Modified on January 4, 2024

This year on October 11th MeasureSummit is back stronger than ever!

Last year’s MeasureSummit featured some of the biggest names in the industry and had fantastic giveaways. MeasureSummit 2023 will be no exception!

Over 11k analytics enthusiasts attended this event and this year we’re expecting even more.

In this post, we’ll recall last year’s event and talk about what can be expected from MeasureSummit 2023.

MeasureSummit 2023

MeasureSummit is the first virtual event dedicated to leveraging measurement, data, and analytics for business growth.

It’s being hosted by Julian Juenemann and Chris Mercer.

MeasureSummit gives you a chance to learn the most up-to-date strategies and techniques that the biggest experts in the industry are using.

Getting to be the first to learn the newest strategies gives you an advantage over your competition and gives you the opportunity to stand out among the crowd.

All of these experts are saving you time and money by sharing their experience so that you can apply it right away.

There will be lots of sessions during these 3 days, but no worries, you’ll be able to access the recordings with the MeasureSummit 2023 all-access pass.

Meet the Industry Experts

The excitement is building up as we gear up for MeasureSummit 2023!

As always, we’ve pulled in some of the biggest names in the digital analytics industry to share their insights, tips, and strategies that can transform your analytics game.

Simo Ahava

Simo Ahava, Co-founder of Simmer

Simo is coming back with his topic on Server-side tagging in 2023. No doubt that this one is going to be a blast!

Juliana Jackson

Juliana Jackson, Sr. Data and Optimization Strategist at Media Monks

Juliana will dive into the revolutionary world of Semantic Textual Analysis. Explore how natural language is now a necessity for business growth as Juliana walks you through its role in understanding and influencing customer behavior.

Charles Farina

Charles Farina, Director of Analytics at Adswerve

Charles will talk us through some of the most misunderstood and misused reports in GA4. This session will be an eye-opener for anyone looking to understand the foundation of reporting in GA4.

Siobhan Solberg

Siobhan Solberg, Founder of Raze

Siobhan will guide you through implementing privacy by design in your analytics and measurement practices. Learn clear steps to align privacy with measurement best practices and take away a handy template for your business.

Ton Wesseling, Founder of Online Dialogue

Ton will show you that analytics is just a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to insightful decision-making. He’ll introduce you to the best sources you should be analyzing to optimize your team’s prioritization process, ensuring high-impact outcomes.

Aurélie Pols, Founder at AP&A

Aurélie will guide us through the labyrinth of integrated data systems, pinpointing the critical roles and responsibilities. She’ll also discuss the concept of privacy-by-design and the technology’s role in paving the way for an accountable and risk-mitigated future.

Enrico Pavan, President & Analytics Director at Analytics Boosters

Enrico will demystify the burgeoning field of AI in data analysis. He’ll show you how to harness the full potential of Google Analytics 4, integrate it seamlessly with BigQuery and offline data, and most importantly, apply AI to significantly boost the revenue and performance of your project.

Julius Fedorovicius

Julius Fedorovicius, CEO and Founder of Analytics Mania

Julius is back and he’s going to focus on the customizations needed for Google Analytics 4 to work best for you. He’ll share a bunch of useful tips to enhance your GA4 experience.

Amy Hebdon, Founder and Managing Director at Paid Search Magic

Amy Reynolds reveals the fascinating intersection between animal training and digital marketing analytics. She will offer innovative techniques, grounded in behavior modification principles from animal training, for crafting Looker Studio reports that motivate action.

Phil Pearce, Founder & Analytics Director at MeasureMinds

Phil focuses on automating setup, implementation, and analysis, specifically for Google Analytics & Tag Manager. Learn about tools and prompts that streamline your analytics processes.

JJ Reynolds, President at Mediauthentic

JJ shows you how to consolidate data from multiple sources like Looker Studio, GA4, and CRM to unlock your organization’s full potential. Discover a dynamic data collection framework that allows for agile decision-making in less than 20 minutes a week.

Christie Osborne, Owner at Mountainside Media

Christie advocates for a ‘Less is More’ approach to reporting for improved client satisfaction and retention. Her streamlined methodology helps you focus on meaningful metrics while effectively managing scope creep.

Fred Pike

Fred Pike, Managing Director at Northwoods

Fred dives into the challenges of debugging analytics installations, with GA4’s debug view as a case in point. Learn about Chrome extensions and developer console tricks that simplify debugging and improve implementations.

Venia Logan, Online Community Architect at SociallyConstructed.Online

Venia explores the conflict between community and marketing measurement tools, emphasizing issues that arise from using disparate systems. She proposes resolutions that improve data flow and organization, starting from processes to the use of Google’s business suite for community measurement.

Jim Sterne, President at Target Marketing of Santa Barbara

Jim offers an accessible introduction to Large Language Models like GPT-5 and GPT-6 and discusses their implications for analytics. Understand how Generative AI can change your approach to marketing analytics, offering new possibilities for accuracy, efficiency, and scalability.

Don’t miss this fantastic lineup! Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more updates. MeasureSummit 2023 is going to be an event filled with insights you can’t afford to miss!

Register now to reserve your spot!


Last year’s event had around 20 amazing prizes such as eBooks, courses, all-access passes, free yearly memberships, free consultations, and audits. 

This year will be no different, we’ve prepared some great prizes that are revealed in the link below!


We’ve received so much positive feedback from on last MeasureSummit events.

We asked people who attended what was the best part of MeasureSummit?

Here are a few answers from last year from those who attended and it gives the best insight into what was it like to those who didn’t.

“The format, engagement, hosts, fun, active participation, and the speakers in chat. All these things made it fun, helped retention, made me miss the summit when it was over.”

“Perfect mix between getting knowledge and entertainment.”

“A lot of very serious topics were discussed and we had a chance to hear so many great experts! That’s why thanks a lot to these enthusiastic people who are building this community. You are helping us a lot!”

“The diversity and quality of the speaker presentations. Also, the community that you built around each presentation.”

“Hosts, speakers and the amazing community! learned so much from every single talk.”

“Great presentations, great insights and great culture.”

“The community and wonderful speakers. You get so much information from the known gurus which is priceless.”

“All of the speakers, I thought they all did a really good job and it was nice content that spread across a wide range of skill levels”

“Time schedule was quite accurate, speakers were well prepared and some amazing stuff was presented, Julian and Chris just nailed it again, the chat box was active and fruitful, the notes document was soooo helpful – Everything was almost like being at an offline conference.“

“The dedicated hosts, relevant talks, good atmosphere in the chat room – almost like being at an offline conference”

” It was a great pleasure to attend this amazing event! We had a chance to hear legendary world-class experts live. I got a lot of positive emotions and a lot of insights! It boosted my industry knowledge, I got plenty of notes and bookmarks. Thanks to all speakers for sharing knowledge, and to the organizers who made this event happen.”

“The thing that made it most interesting, and unique, was the interplay and banter between Mercer and Julian. The (few) technical glitches made it more immediate. The look at Julian’s tech setup was pretty cool.”

“To be able to listen to leaders and practitioners and also learn first hand what is working and what is it that we should be doing.”

“Besides the knowledge shared which is fantastic, I really appreciate the personal style that you have created, your natural chemistry really makes the show. The guests react well to you both too, and so they should.”


Even though MeasureSummit is a relatively new event, it has already become a well-known event.

Unlike most events, the communication between speakers and the audience gives a sense of community which impressed most participants.

Getting to be a part of a significant event in the analytics and data niche and learning from the best, what’s there not to like?

Sign up for free and join us at MeasureSummit 2023. Be sure to add it to your calendar so you don’t miss it!



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