MeasureSummit 2022 – The First Virtual Analytics Event

Less than two weeks left before the 3rd year of our annual event called MeasureSummit.

Last year’s MeasureSummit featured some of the biggest names in the industry and had fantastic giveaways. MeasureSummit 2022 will be no exception!

Over 11k analytics enthusiasts attended this event and this year we’re expecting even more.

In this post, we’ll recall last year’s event and talk about what can be expected from MeasureSummit 2022.

MeasureSummit 2022

MeasureSummit is the first virtual event dedicated to leveraging measurement, data, and analytics for business growth.

It’s being hosted by Julian Juenemann and Chris Mercer.

MeasureSummit 2022 Infographic

MeasureSummit gives you a chance to learn the most up-to-date strategies and techniques that the biggest experts in the industry are using.

Getting to be the first to learn the newest strategies gives you an advantage over your competition and gives you the opportunity to stand out among the crowd.

All of these experts are saving you time and money by sharing their experiences so that you can apply them right away.

There will be lots of sessions during these 3 days, but no worries, you’ll be able to access the recordings with the MeasureSummit 2022 all-access pass.

Speakers for MeasureSummit 2022

Like always, we’ve prepared nothing but the biggest names in the industry for you.

Simo Ahava

Simo Ahava, Co-founder of Simmer

Google Tag Manager has been introduced to the public 10 years ago and Simo will give us a look at the past and talk about the future of this tool.

He’ll share with us the reasoning behind some of the most impactful feature releases to the tool as well as talk about what can be expected from this tag management tool.

Krista Seiden, Founder & Principle at KS Digital LLC

Less than a year left before the sunset of Universal Analytics. The switch to GA4 is now needed more than ever.

Krista will walk us through the ins and outs of GA4 and give some tips on maximizing your use of Google Analytics.

Charles Farina, Head of Innovation at Adswerve

Charles will share with us some tips and tricks for GA4 that will help you avoid implementation issues, perform analysis comfortably, and avoid mistakes in your reports & dashboards.

Ben Collins, Founder of Collins Analytics LLC

Ben will give us a side-by-side comparison of actions with the Query function and BigQuery equivalents.

You’ll also learn how to use Connected Sheets to bring data from BigQuery into Google Sheets.

Lea Pica, Data Storytelling Advocate at Story-Driven Data

Merely showing the numbers to your stakeholders and clients is not enough. The way you present your data is just as important as the data itself.

Lea will share with us her data storytelling script that will help your stakeholders and clients understand your insights.

Peep Laja, CEO at Wynter

Peep will explain the importance of messaging with the goal of converting new customers.

He’ll teach you how to spot the symptoms of ineffective messaging and how to make it data-driven.

Naomi Smulders, Data Scientist at Online Dialogue

Understanding your customers’ needs helps you cater your services accordingly and therefore improves the chances of getting conversions and maintaining happy customers.

Naomi will share with us the challenges and opportunities found in applying a process mining approach to mine the customer journey of your webstore visitors.

Zach Randall, CEO & Founder of ListenLayer

Zach will talk about controversies in privacy and consent.

He’ll show us the technical aspects of privacy while using real-world analogies to challenge our existing beliefs.

Mechie Nkengla, Chief Data Strategist at Data Products LLC

Data literacy is predicted to become one of the most important drivers of business success over the next few years and it is imperative for a marketer to master this skill. 

Mechie will discuss what data literacy is, why it matters, and most importantly how to begin your data literacy journey as a marketer.

Brad Redding, Founder & CEO at Elevar

Brad will give us a deep dive into the real-life examples of tracking and analytics on eCommerce stores. 

You’ll learn nuances of server-side tracking, how to remain compliant when tracking server-side, lessons from headless eCommerce sites, and how to configure event tracking to lay the foundation for a solid CRO program.

Jodi Daniels, CEO & Privacy Consultant at Red Clover Advisors

Jodi will provide an overview of new data privacy regulations that are coming into play and help you address upcoming legislation so that your business can prepare for privacy changes as they are introduced in 2023

She’ll discuss how businesses can maintain a strong data privacy foundation and provide you with the tools and steps you need as you navigate through these privacy changes. 

You’ll learn how to leverage your data privacy program to support ongoing compliance with existing as well as new law requirements.

Julius Fedorovicius, CEO and Founder of Analytics Mania

Julius will share with us his 30 quick tips and tricks that will save GA4 users time and/or help avoid some pitfalls.

Jeff Sauer, Founder and Lead Instructor at Data Driven U

Jeff will give us a hands-on perspective of how to implement over 100 processes related to GA4.

He’ll create the missing manual we’ve all wanted for implementing GA4 and creating a thriving replacement to the long-loved Universal Analytics.

Moe Kiss, Marketing Data Lead at Canva

Moe shares her experience in shifting the team from answering tickets in an endless Jira queue, to scaling for recurring problems through a data product approach.

She discusses how we need to shift the way we think about value and move from data as a service to building data products that serve multiple business users. 

You’ll learn the first steps, the gotchas, and how to test this approach in your business.


Last year’s event had around 20 amazing prizes such as eBooks, courses, all-access passes, free yearly memberships, free consultations, and audits. 

This year will be no different, we’ve prepared some great prizes that are revealed in the link below!

Check it out on the giveaway page!


We’ve received so much positive feedback from our last MeasureSummit.

We asked people who attended what was the best part of MeasureSummit?

Here are a few answers from last year from those who attended and it gives the best insight into what was it like to those who didn’t.

“The format, engagement, hosts, fun, active participation, and the speakers in chat. All these things made it fun, helped retention, made me miss the summit when it was over.”

“Perfect mix between getting knowledge and entertainment.”

“A lot of very serious topics were discussed and we had a chance to hear so many great experts! That’s why thanks a lot to these enthusiastic people who are building this community. You are helping us a lot!”

“The diversity and quality of the speaker presentations. Also, the community that you built around each presentation.”

“Hosts, speakers and the amazing community! learned so much from every single talk.”

“Great presentations, great insights and great culture.”

“The community and wonderful speakers. You get so much information from the known gurus which is priceless.”

“All of the speakers, I thought they all did a really good job and it was nice content that spread across a wide range of skill levels”

“Time schedule was quite accurate, speakers were well prepared and some amazing stuff was presented, Julian and Chris just nailed it again, the chat box was active and fruitful, the notes document was soooo helpful – Everything was almost like being at an offline conference.“

“The dedicated hosts, relevant talks, good atmosphere in the chat room – almost like being at an offline conference”

” It was a great pleasure to attend this amazing event! We had a chance to hear legendary world-class experts live. I got a lot of positive emotions and a lot of insights! It boosted my industry knowledge, I got plenty of notes and bookmarks. Thanks to all speakers for sharing knowledge, and to the organizers who made this event happen.”

“The thing that made it most interesting, and unique, was the interplay and banter between Mercer and Julian. The (few) technical glitches made it more immediate. The look at Julian’s tech setup was pretty cool.”

“To be able to listen to leaders and practitioners and also learn first hand what is working and what is it that we should be doing.”

“Besides the knowledge shared which is fantastic, I really appreciate the personal style that you have created, your natural chemistry really makes the show. The guests react well to you both too, and so they should.”


Even though MeasureSummit is a relatively new event, it has already become a well-known event.

Unlike most events, the communication between speakers and the audience gives a sense of community which impressed most participants.

Getting to be a part of a significant event in the analytics and data niche and learning from the best, what’s there not to like?

Sign up for free and join us at MeasureSummit 2022. Be sure to add it to your calendar so you don’t miss it!


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