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How to Make Money Selling Analytics Services

Last Modified on February 25, 2024

Do you want to turn your Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and other Analytics skills’ investment into profits and start making money? Do you want to learn how?

We at MeasureSchool, have been selling analytics services for a long time to clients in many versatile fields.

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In this guide, we’ll give you tips regarding what you can sell and how to make money with your analytics skills.

Here are five Google Analytics services you can sell as a digital analyst:

  1. Audits
  2. Implementations
  3. Data Analysis
  4. Training
  5. Action

So let’s start!

5 Google Analytics Services to Sell as a Digital Analyst

As a freelancer, I’ve learned much about what you can actually sell from your given skill sets to the clients.

There is much-needed knowledge for any digital analyst or a digital marketer that knows professional analytics. Moreover, there aren’t many professionals who specialize in this field. So it eventually becomes a very rewarding field.

In my opinion, clients become less price-sensitive if you’re able to sell the correct analytics services to the right clients.

But what can you actually sell as analytics consultations or analytics services?

We have a list of five top-rated and rewarding products that you can sell as a digital analyst. Let’s see which skills!


Audits can be the first service you can offer to any client. This paves the way for various analytics implementations. As the audits are capable of higher benefits for the organization, you can always sell it as a single product to them.

Audits ensure quality data and give clients a solid direction to improve their analytics implementations.

This enables them to gather more data, enhance their existing data quality, and avoid detrimental mistakes in their existing implementations.

For example, we have created a Google Tag Manager Audit guide to help our customers.

You can start by thoroughly navigating the Property Settings of their Google Analytics account.

Accessing the property settings from the Google Analytics account

Moreover, you can create your checklist to ensure that the setup is correctly implemented.

Creating a checklist on Google Sheets to ensure smooth working of data implementation goals

Finally, you can submit a report to your client that highlights the outlines, findings, and suggestions to improve the data implementation.

Moreover, it is fairly customizable as different business models will have different needs. The correct installations and the right customizations will make the client’s analytics implementation much better.

If you give a thorough report, you potentially have a high possibility of presenting your analytics skills to your clients.

There are plenty of audit jobs out there waiting for you.

As an add-on to audits, you can also offer implementations.


If you’ve already created suggestions for improving implementations in our audit reports, your clients will also need those implementations configured for their websites.

In most cases, clients will prefer to have an expert implement these suggestions. This is where you can sell them your implementation skills.

Implementation can have various add-ons, from installing button click tracking to certain goals to configuring the analytics correctly.

This can require you to modify any existing configurations in their tracking systems. Your implementations can be increasingly easier with Google Tag Manager though.

The robust interface of GTM allows you to install many configurations as a visual analyst.

Utilizing features of the robust platform of Google Tag Manager

In many cases, you might also need to write specifications for the developers to help them configure the correct information. For example, implementing Data Layer is highly popular nowadays.

Providing codes to implement a data layer on the client website

So you can see that your communications won’t be limited only to the clients, but also to the different departments that will help you.

Moving ahead, the next item on our analytics services list is analysis and reporting.

Data Analysis

Many believe that digital analysts or digital marketers who specialize in analytics only work on analysis or reports of the implementations.

This is in reality only one part of the whole analytics process.

You can definitely go log in to the company’s Google Analytics account to analyze the data. But this analysis will be incomplete without the proper knowledge about the company’s business, actual functioning, or identifying the leverage points.

You’ll need a complete understanding to make any impactful change to the business. So, the skill sets you need as a data analyst will be widely versatile.

Your analytics services start from preparing an analysis project, understanding the business needs for the given project, finding the qualitatively relevant data, and finally submitting the outcomes to your clients.

Unlike what people believe, you can’t create a huge impact on any website without thoroughly understanding various other factors.

This may also not always be easy. You’ll need a position inside the company to move the people forward in implementing certain solutions.

Due to this reason, a lot of people instead choose to create reports and dashboards for companies.

This can be especially helpful to graphically represent your data to the clients and make them understand the benefits of the behavioral changes for the company.

Moreover, the setup of a dashboard needs a thorough understanding of the client, so ensure that the data on the dashboard is actually relevant to them.

Understanding the setup of a dashboard to optimize the Google Analytics data

You can optimize the whole process to make your work much simpler. This is when you’ll need clients’ support to work with that data and make changes to their organization.

🚨 Note: Never push any data directly from the Google Analytics account of the client into the reports you send them.

You need to process the data thoroughly before sending it over to the client. This is extremely crucial.

When the client realizes that the data you send them is simply a representation of their Google Analytics account, they might also consider replacing your role with an automated process of collecting data.

We believe that data projects are mostly an amalgamation of three different processes – the audits, the implementation, and the analysis to get insights into the complete data.

 After going through these three processes, you can finally help your clients to take over the project from you, to generate their own habits, processes, and insights to modify the company data.


Our fourth item on our analytics services list is the training process.

We have training as a service at Measureschool. But we also train various clients and companies to help them better understand the data in their systems.

You need to make sure that they can utilize the data and build the processes and habits for the effective working of a data-driven organization. It is also equally important to train them to avoid common tracking mistakes that marketers make.

Any data is customizable as it depends on the business structure. Hence, we suggest every analyst invest in training as a long-term goal.

Outside freelancers may never have enough hold over the company to change the internal processes with their available data.

This is why it becomes essential to train an in-house person for the long term. This is an important objective to have in mind while developing people inside of a company.

Hence, we believe that using training as a service is extremely rewarding when it comes to long-term engagements.

Once you know all the automation and optimizations you could perform for the company, you might also want to work upon the various actions you can perform.


We already have various clients that ask us to help them set up the automation process with the data they have available in their systems, build up new audiences for them, or even optimize their campaigns in a data-driven way.

Additionally, one optimization currently people ask a lot about is the A/B testing approach.

The A/B testing approach encapsulates all of the processes we learned in this guide. If you have the correct implementation, you can also have the right analysis through research and a good A/B testing approach.

A/B testing refers to you making changes on the website beginning from defining to measurement, analysis, and testing. This goes on in full circle on and on.

Understanding the processes of an A/B testing approach for optimizing tracked data

We at Measureschool also offer such processes.

However, the process can get highly complicated in many situations. Thus, it is advised to have a team of members set up the processes correctly to make a big impact on the company.

Due to today’s technology, we understand that A/B testing sounds easy.

But keep in mind that creating an impactful change in any organization for a long-term period is a complicated process and needs to be left for the professionals to handle.


Which analytics service should I choose to offer?

The choice of service depends on your expertise, client needs, and market demand. Consider your strengths and preferences, and assess the requirements of your target clients. Offering a combination of analytics services can be versatile and appealing to clients, but it’s important to focus on providing high-quality solutions aligned with your expertise.

Why is training an important service to offer?

Training clients and companies to understand their data and build data-driven processes and habits is essential for long-term success. It empowers them to utilize data effectively and avoid common tracking mistakes. Training also allows you to develop in-house talent within organizations, leading to sustainable data-driven practices.

What opportunities are available with the transition to GA4 migration?

With the announcement of Universal Analytics properties stopping processing new hits, there is a growing demand for GA4 migration services. Many businesses are seeking professionals to assist them in transitioning their analytics setup. This presents a valuable opportunity for freelancers and consultants to offer GA4 migration services and meet the market demand.


We have detailed the five products we recommend you to sell as a digital analyst if you want to turn your analytics skills into making money.

Whichever product you choose, you need a thorough understanding of the data to implement any impactful changes to the client’s company.

In this post, we’ve listed the 10 ways to improve your digital marketing skills. Be sure to check it out to find out the best learning sources.

Some consultants and freelancers offer versatile techniques and services, and such approaches can sometimes work.

💡 Top Tip: Due to the announcement of Universal Analytics properties stopping processing new hits on July 1, 2023, a lot of businesses are already looking for someone to perform a GA4 migration, which might also be a good opportunity for every freelancer out there.

Do you have any such versatile techniques that you can sell to your clients? Which of the discussed products would you like to offer to your clients? Let us know in the comments below!