How to Sell GA4 Services - Free Course

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You know GA4, GTM, and Data but

👉 Don’t know how to turn your skills profitable and start making money

👉 Struggle with finding the right prospects for your services?

👉 Tried selling GA4 but never really got the hang of it?

👉 Not sure what to sell to potential clients?

If so, you are in the right place!

This how-to-sell GA4 course was designed to teach you from the ground up. You will learn what to sell and how to make money with your analytic skills and no sales experience is required for success.

What will you learn?


This is a beginner-level sales and prospecting course. You need to be knowledgeable with GA4, GTM or Data Studio to provide the services.

Unfortunately not. To get access to a demo shop, please check out this post or join our paid membership to gain access.

They are entirely different. This is a beginner level sales course that teaches you how to sell what you have learned in MeasureMasters. 

MeasureMasters is a membership with 20+ courses, a community, regular live events & more.

Not in this course. But there are trainings on advanced GA4 topics inside the MeasureMasters membership.

Yes, this course was designed to teach you how to sell Analytics/Measurement/GA4 to potential clients. This course won’t do you much good if you can’t perform the services to clients.

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