Google Analytics 4 for Beginners Free Course

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Played with Google Analytics 4 before but

👉 Never really got round to learning it properly?

👉 Struggle with creating events and conversion tracking?

👉 Tried GA4 but never really got the hang of it?

👉 Not sure if this tool is for you?

If so, you are in the right place!

This beginner Google Analytics 4 course was designed to teach it to you from the ground up.

What will you learn?


This is a beginner-level course. But it does touch on a few intermediate topics, like event tracking.

Unfortunately not. To get access to a demo shop, please check out this post or join our paid membership to gain access.

They are entirely different. This is a single beginner level course. 

MeasureMasters is a membership with 20+ courses, a community, regular live events & more.

Not in this course. But there are trainings on advanced GA4 topics inside the MeasureMasters membership.

No, this course was designed to teach you GA4 from scratch.

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