Google Tag Manager Beyond the Basics

Expand your understanding of tags, events & all things GTM with this fun bonus pack.

What you'll learn

  • How to use GTM Effectively
  • How to setup events in Google Analytics
  • How to use listeners
  • How to save time with tools
  • How to plan a new GTM setup
  • How to audit a GTM account
  • Step-by-step practice challenges


  • Lifetime Access
  • 4+ hours of Exclusive Video Content
  • Ongoing Support for your Questions


Continue your learning in GTM with exercises, lessons & more. Wondering what else you can do with this tool? The answer is...a lot more!

If you are hungry to put what you've learnt into practice, then this GTM course will get you all set and ready to go.

Continue your learning with additional lessons. Get access to several advanced lessons that'll give you the understanding necessary to start diving into these more advanced topics.

Finally, we're very excited to share our template & tools vault, showcasing some of our most useful tools to help make your measure life easier.

Course Content

GTM For Beginners

Practice Your Skills - Challenges

Auto Event Tracking With GTM

Advanced GTM Tracking

Bonus: Templates, Tools & More

What Others are Saying

"The videos are easy to understand, and it's helpful to be able to view one, try a similar tactic in your own sample project, and then review when GTM gets confusing."

Teresa Foreman

Digital Strategy,

"This course is just exactly what I was looking for.  Lots of great information, short and really easy to understand videos, clear and real examples, and also challenging exercises."

Rosa Castilla


"Great course! First I got nervous when something changed in Google Tag Manager.  After finishing the course, I could edit things in GTM forwards and backwards."

Jan Marten

Digital Marketer,

"This course is great. It will help you get the basics of GTM in a couple of hours/days"

Benoit Weber

Digital Analyst,

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