Take Your Next Steps with Google Tag Manager. Go Beyond
the Basics

Understand and start using GTM more in-depth so you can set up tracking, debug and more with GTM.

Ready to start using GTM to track

events, conversions, forms, & lots more?

You probably already have some experience with Google Tag Manager from our YouTube videos, GTM Beginners Course, and maybe some of your own projects.

But, there is so much more to learn, not to mention getting hands-on experience!

That's why this training contains not only the lessons to further your learning, exercises to practice and additional material you need to start using GTM right now...

Learn from a Practitioner not a Theorist

You instructor, Julian, has years of (practical!) GTM experience and seen 100’s of tracking implementations. He loves teaching GTM to marketers all across the globe. Are you ready to learn from him? 

Train Your GTM Muscle

Practice what you have learned with guided exercises to start using your new skills. 

Then go and test it all out in the wild, with your own marketing projects.

Dedicated Support

When you’re done with the lessons and challenges you will likely get stuck. That’s normal! 

Easily reach out to the team to get help.


GTM Beyond the Basics

GTM Beyond the Basics is our intermediate Google Tag Manager training, designed to make your confident with using GTM to setup and install tracking.

GTM for Beginners ~ Module 1

Get to baseline with what GTM is and how it works

In this first module we will cover what Google Tag Manager is really all about and how it fits into your company/client’s workflow.

Challenges ~ Module 2

Put what you have learned into practice

Go through a series of GTM challenges specifically designed to progressively test your GTM ability. Use our MeasureSchool Demo Website to practice and make GTM implementations feel like second nature.

GTM Workshop Library ~ Module 3

A deeper dive into more advanced areas of GTM

Learn how to use GTM to it’s full potential with workshops on these topics:

Finally, Get Certified

Get recognition for your GTM level

Submit all your completed challenges correctly and you will receive an official MeasureSchool certification to acknowledge your level of GTM expertise.

Use this on LinkedIn and your CV to set yourself apart from other marketers.

now it's time to

Take your next step with GTM

Meet Your Instructor

Julian Jeunemann

MeasureMasters is powered by Julian Juenemann and his small team at MeasureSchool. He learned the ropes of Digital Marketing in different startups he co-founded and quickly became fascinated with how data-driven this world could be.

After launching his consultancy, JJAnalytics in 2013, he began helping other businesses adopt the data-driven way of Digital Marketing.

In 2015, he launched the MeasureSchool YouTube channel to reach out and teach this new way of marketing to others. With over 100,000 subscribers, MeasureSchool has become the leading video source for many marketers to learn these data-driven methods.

In his spare time, Julian enjoys playing the guitar, watching YouTube, and hacking around in JavaScript.

money back guarantee

30-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

When you join GTM Beyond the Basics, you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don’t feel like you’ve received value and you decide the course is not for you within the first 30 days, just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund. No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through.


Yes, absolutely. One of the big benefits of this course is that you will have access to Julian and can ask your questions. He will also be troubleshooting and correcting your exercises.

We are happy to help and support with any kind of tracking problems and questions you might have, but we would prefer if we could train you to answer them yourself. That’s why we will always encourage you to think for yourself and help you along your way.

Please notice, that there is a line between helping our students and doing work for them that we would normally get paid for. Therefore we can’t actually DO any implementation for you (write custom code, implement tags), but help and support you.

No, but you will have 24/7 lifetime access to watch them online inside the Course Area. 

The course contains 4.4 hours of video material to go through. Additionally there are exercises to get hands on experience. 

You have lifetime access and can go a through it at your own pace.

Yes, we have exercises that go along with the video lessons. I will give you access to a demo.project for you to get into action and develop your skills.

No, all videos are exclusive to this course and are not shown to the public or on YouTube. There may be some topics that were already discussed in our weekly Videos, but as the name implies these don’t leave any room to build on each other, which the course video do. We will take you through a learning journey that will teach you GTM from the ground up, which is just not possible on YouTube.

This course consists of 80% Screencast which will feature a mix between theoretical knowledge and example based demonstrations. The remaining 20% will be done through exercises (voluntarily) and read up on additional material provided.

Absolutely! All coding related topics are explained geared towards marketers with no development experience. 

Yes, please join. While we won’t dive into the technical details too much (GTM is basically a JS library), it will still be important to understand how GTM works and which workflows govern this tool. That way you will know what your role is and what you can expect from your fellow marketer.

Become capable of setting up tracking 100% independently with GTM.