The SaaS Analytics Stack with (feat. Ruben Ugarte) | Part 1

What are the right tracking tools for your SaaS business? We have Ruben Urgate (from Practico Analytics) back on the channel to show us the right tracking software for the different stages of the business. This is the introduction of our SaaS Stack Analytics Series we will be publishing on the channel.

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In this video, Ruben is going to introduce you to our SAS analytics stack series. All and more, coming up.

Welcome back to another video of teaching you the data-driven way of digital marketing. My name is Julian and today we got Ruben back on the channel. Now, Ruben runs Practical Analytics where he helps businesses to figure out which tools should they use for the different uses of analytics in their businesses, at what stage the customer actually is at and what data you can track any apps obviously also with the implementation. Now while chatting with Ruben, I was super interested in what tools he would recommend for a SAS business or a software as a service business that has recurring revenue. Since there is not just one tool to rule them all, he made a whole video series for us, which we are going to release on this channel in the coming weeks. Now, he’s going to cover everything from tools that you would use to actually track the acquisition of the customer until to the retention of the customer and which metrics you should pay attention to. In this video, we’re going to get a brief introduction to his framework that he uses. And then in the next video, we’re going to dive right into the tools that he would recommend. Now, we got lots to cover. So Ruben, take it away.

Thanks Julian. And welcome to the SAS analytics stack series that will be going over here over the short little while. My name is Ruben, and I’m the founder of Practico Analytics. And we specialize in helping software companies especially fast growing software companies really set up the right data foundation in place. This typically means we come in and we help them design a stack that helps them cover some of the most fundamental questions you know, what marketing campaigns are driving the best users, what’s going on with the product, are user actually love the product or are they being retained. All these kind of things. And what we came up with the series is we have a handful of videos here about three or four videos, and we’ll be looking at all the series, you know, the typical journey the user will go through when they want to use your SAS product. And we’ll cover some of the different tools, reports and bands, data tracking, all these different things, they should be considering when you build out your stack. And you know, with some of the mention here is that typically, a lot of companies want one tool that can do everything and that’d be really great. In an analytics world that’s still not quite the case. So you really still going to end up with multiple tools, a stack of sorts, to be able to answer all the questions that you need. And I’ll cover what the tools are. Now, some notes or some things to keep in mind as you go through his videos. Really, there’s lots of tools out there, really, there’s hundreds of options. So whenever I mentioned the tool, I’ll give you other options if you prefer to explore those. So you don’t have to pick the recommendations I mentioned. But on the other hand, you also want to keep it small, right. So keep your stacks small, I think, you know, our final stack will be about four or five tools.

That’s something that’s manageable, you can probably compress a little bit more maybe two, three tools. So you want to start small always, you know, especially if you don’t have anything you start with a handful events, build upon those a small amount of tools, build upon those and so on. Don’t just try to go big and be like hey, you know we’re doing this we might as well do a big which is a company’s tackle. So really want to tackle small and get value out of it right. If you have a priority in your company, if you say hey, next six months acquisition’s a big priority, you could probably just cover that step, you know that the steps are covered there and just start with those events, those tools and eventually come back and tackle retention and onboarding and everything, you’ll have tackle everything at once.

With that being said, we’ll jump to the first video where we’ll talk about acquisition and some of the acquisition data that you can be tracking for a SAS products and the tools, some of the events, reports and so on. And then from there, we’ll start so I’ll see you in the next video.

All right, so there you have it, a brief introduction to our SAS analytics stack series here on this channel. If you want to follow along, you can click on the next video right over there where we’re going to talk about acquisition and which tools you should use to track this correctly. And if you want to keep up to date with all the videos that come out on the channel and also the future videos of the series, definitely subscribe to our channel and click that bell notification icon so you don’t miss out on anything that we do here. Now, my name is Julian. See on the next one.


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