Google Analytics Audit - Start trusting your data & use Google Analytics correctly

You probably have Google Analytics installed on your site, but are you using it correctly? 

We'll make sure your Analytics data is accurate & reliable, turning your data into a competitive advantage.

$1,599  Now $997!

What will I get?

A comprehensive audit report

Get a clear and thorough overview of the current state of your Google Analytics account which will identify the crucial areas of attention. (Provided in pdf format incl. one hour call)

A solid plan of action

Find out what you need to fix and how to go about making these necessary changes, so that you can go ahead with further implementation of your marketing plans.

A newfound trust in your data

Trust the data you are collecting and gain a sense of confidence in your future decision making.

90,000+ Youtube Subscribers trust us when it comes to Google Analytics. Be part of the few that take action and get results!

$1,599  Now $997!

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Who is this for?

  • If you're a website owner or agency with Google Analytics installed and want to get the most out of their data.
  • Websites with a monthly user count of less than 200k. (If you have more than this, please contact us for a quote:
  • Companies who are able to take action on the insights gained from their audit report.

What others are saying about our work

I am now able to dig deeper into Google Analytics to see what was really going on and understand how our customers were using our site. Their technical knowledge is matched by their business prowess to deliver actionable results!

DEREKY SZETO //  The Potable Bar Company

These guys helped me to setup and customise my Analytics through GTM. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to start using their marketing tools effectively.


When we moved our website our analytics was in chaos and we had no clue what we were doing – all the numbers were meaningless.

Julian and his team helped sort out what was important to know, ensure accurate tracking and we now have a really clear outline of what’s happening in terms of user activity, revenue and no worries on it being completely inaccurate.


This is our process

Complete your order

Click the button on this page and answer a couple of short questions, then purchase your audit.

Speak with us and let's get started

You'll be contacted by one of our staff and if you have any questions, we'll have a quick call. 

Then we'll be off to the races to start compiling your audit report. It will take around 3 weeks to turnaround your audit. We will also keep you updated throughout this whole period with status updates.

Get your audit document

We'll send over your completed audit document. If needed, we can jump on a call to discuss any further actions you'd like to take.

The best time to start getting accurate data was yesterday!

Measure twice, cut once as the old saying goes! That's right, the moment you start collecting data, there's no going back. Google Analytics isn't retroactive, hence you need to get you tracking done right the first time around.

So, if you are ready to finally be able to trust your data, then be sure to click the button below.

$1,599  Now $997!

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$1,599  Now $997!

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