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Regex Key-Characters


The Asterisk (*) matches zero or more the item before it.


Dashes (-) help create advanced list of items and work great with square brackets []


The Pipe (|) is the same as “or” and can be used to match two items.


The Backslash () turns special Regular Expressions into normal characters.

Dollar Sign

The Dollar Sign ($) means “end width”

Plus Sign

The Plus Sign (+) matches one or more of the characters previous to it


The Caret (^) is the opposite of the Dollar Sign ($) and means something begins with.

Dot (.)

The Dot (.) is like a wildcard and will match any character.

Dot-Asterisk (.*)

The Dot-Asterisk combo (.*) is a powerful combination that can match zero or more random characthers – so everything.

Question mark(?)

The Question mark (?) will mean the last character is optional

Curly brackets

The Curly Brackets ({}) allows you to repeat the last item by the stated number.


Parentheses () work in the same way as standard mathematics – by grouping items together before the calculation.