JavaScript for Google Tag Manager Course

Grasp how to effectively use JavaScript with Google Tag Manager

What you'll learn

  • How GTM uses JavaScript
  • How to use Race Conditions & Callbacks
  • How to use JavaScript in GTM with custom HTML tags
  • How to use JavaScript variables & functions
  • How to use DOT notation
  • How to use your browser to understand & experiment with JavaScript


  • Lifetime Access
  • 5+ Hours of Exclusive Lessons
  • Bonus Tools & Templates
  • Ongoing Support for your Questions


So, by now you’ve probably used JavaScript to an extent or at least seen it popping up here and there in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager & a bunch of other Google tools. It's kind of a big deal, a lot of web apps use JavaScript and understanding it can change the game for you as a marketer.

That's why we put several weeks into planning and compiling this in-depth JavaScript for GTM Course. It will take you from intermediate through to advanced in JavaScript & GTM implementations, giving you a sense of control over GTM expanding what you can do with it.

The course features 5+ hours of in depth screen-share tutorials, bonus tools & most importantly practical challenges where you complete tasks directly alongside the course instructor (Julian).

There are also a bunch of real life use cases for you to put to work immediately.

Want to get a handle on the dataLayer, custom JavaScript variables & manipulating the DOM? What if you could finally use JavaScript and implement custom solutions for unique cases/clients? 

Let's learn JavaScript in the context of GTM with the JavaScript for GTM Course.

Course Content

Module 1: Google Tag Manager & JavaScript

Module 2: JavaScript Inside of GTM

Module 3: Example Use Cases

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