Google Data Studio Essentials Training

Master the essentials of Google Data Studio, step by step.

What you'll learn

  • Why you should use Data Studio?
  • Which chart types to use & when?
  • How to use segments
  • How to use date & data filters
  • How to create & use custom dimensions
  • Create multi-page reports


  • Lifetime Access
  • 3.5+ Hours of Exclusive Lessons
  • Bonus Tools & Templates
  • Ongoing Support for your Questions


You’ve probably heard of Data Studio, the tool that allows you to create dynamic dashboards that look stunning. do we use this tool in the most effective way? How do we use it to visualize your most important data and then make decision? How can we stop it from producing shiny reports that looks good but that no one actually uses?

Well, that's why we made this comprehensive course on Data Studio. We will take you beyond the beginner stages of creating simple visualizations. You'll learn how to import, manipulate & display your data so that anyone can understand it.

The course features 3.5+ hours of in depth screen-share tutorials, bonus tools & most importantly practical challenges where you complete tasks directly alongside the course instructor (Julian).

This is the course for you if you want to get the basics of Google Data Studio down and make reports that leads to real world actions.

Want to display your data beautiful AND clearly? Want to manipulate your data collected from several data sources? Want to be able to segment and compare data to make strategic business decisions?

Take the first step today in going from beginner to intermediate with the Google Data Studio Essentials Training!

Course Content

Module 1: Understanding Your Data & Data Sources

Module 2: Deep-Dive: Charts

Module 3: Deep-Dive: Filters

Module 4: Advanced Data Studio Mastery

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