5 YouTube Channels Marketers Should Subscribe to!

There’s more to YouTube than just cat videos—and you can use it to improve your marketing game! But with such an abundance of great digital marketer YouTube channels, it can be hard to stay on track.

As a digital marketer and YouTuber myself, here’s my list of the top five channels that digital marketers should subscribe to:

Let me show you why!

1. Two Minute Papers

Two Minute Papers is an expert channel on artificial intelligence (AI). Hosted by Dr. Károly Zsolnai-Fehér, these videos break down research papers on AI and condense the information in a way that is useful to marketers.

Two Minute Papers is a quick and easy way to get updates on what’s new in AI research.

Two minute papers with Dr. Károly Zsolnai-Fehér Youtube channel art -marketer youtube channels

This channel will blow your mind about the capabilities of AI. From robots to physics, engines to Deepfakes, to GPT-3 and more—Dr. Zsolnai-Fehér goes through everything in a really foundational way.

All of his videos are research-based and visually interesting, which makes him one of my favorite YouTubers for marketing.

Although a lot of the applications of AI described in Two Minute Papers’ videos are vastly beyond the scope of marketing, understanding the power of AI can give you an edge in digital marketing.

Lots of tracking tools (like Google Analytics) have started incorporating AI to provide insights on trends. With AI knowledge, you can draw more meaningful conclusions from your tracking reports.

These videos might also spark some new ideas for your marketing. For example, this video on voice cloning got me thinking about how to quickly create content with limited time or audio equipment.

By feeding your script to a machine, you could have a video voiceover without having to record the whole script yourself.

In short, if you’re a creative marketer who loves tech, this is a great channel to check out.

2. Fireship

Fireship is a programming channel that is always on my list for marketers. Created by Google developer expert Jeff Delaney, Fireship presents app building with funny and creative animations.

Fireship - Build and ship your app faster  Youtube channel art - marketer youtube channels

Fireship has great videos on JavaScript, Pyrebase, Google Cloud, Serverless architecture, and more. If you want to learn more about some new or different web technology, you can probably learn about it here.

If you think this is just for developers and not for you, think again. For example, his history of JavaScript and explanations of DACA, regular expressions, and CSS help you understand the framework of websites and tracking.

You’ll better understand the possibilities of tracking, and maybe even DIY your own tracking code—even if you’ve never done it before.

Since regular expressions are pretty common and useful even for marketers who do zero codings, I would recommend starting with their RegEx in 100 Seconds video. Even if you’ve never used regular expressions before, this video can help you get started.

In short, Fireship is super valuable for marketers who are working with tools like Google Tag Manager or who use JavaScript.

3. Little Monster Media

Are you ready to transform your digital marketing game through YouTube? Little Monster Media is currently my top recommendation for anyone looking to start or improve their YouTube marketing.

Little Monster Media Youtube channel art - marketer youtube channels

The mastermind behind this channel is Matt Gielen. He’s a YouTube expert who has helped many of the big channels and brands get on YouTube and build a successful channel.

His team has seen hundreds and thousands of channels over the years, and they really know what works.

These guys are really the experts in the YouTube marketing industry. I especially recommended starting with their video on YouTube Analytics.

You will love how they always go into YouTube Analytics and really show you how you can read numbers and find out what your audience actually wants and how you can go on from there.

You can find out what other people are watching on other channels after they watch my channel.

4. The Futur

If you have a service-based business, I recommend following The Futur. Led by Chris Do, The Futur focuses on business management, design, and creativity.

The Futur -The 1 Billion Mission Youtube channel art -marketer youtube channels

As the freelance and gig economy booms, lots of designers, programmers, writers, and more are going independent. The Futur aims to teach these self-starters the business side of things.

This includes anything from selling more services to telling a story to scaling up your business. The skills taught by The Futur are something we should all aspire to as marketers.

There’s lots of great content on this channel, but I personally really like this one about what to do when clients don’t want to pay you what you’re worth. I think it’s a very important and useful strategy, especially for new freelancers who might have a hard time standing their ground on their prices.

Overall, if you make content or provide services as a business, this is a worthwhile channel to subscribe to.

5. Coffeezilla

Marketing is a specialized skill that can be used for good or for evil. Coffeezilla is a critical commentary channel that I consider an antidote to get-rich-quick schemes.

Coffeezilla - Espresso, It’s like Coffee-Zilla Youtube channel art

While this channel might not teach you marketing skills, it will show you how to recognize deceptive advertising with real-life examples. Coffeezilla takes apart fake gurus’ business models and talks to their former students about their practices.

Of course, I think the majority of people out there are good marketers with integrity, but there are also a lot of people who try to sell snake oil. Kudos to Coffeezilla for calling out these bad business practices.

He can keep you away from shady call-outs, either from other marketers or from mistakenly saying something to a client. I would rather have you learn the good techniques out there rather than make a quick buck online with your skills.

Coffeezilla stays on top of recent frauds, scams, and fads, so check out their YouTube channel for the latest content.

Bonus YouTube Channels Marketer – Marketing Hard Skills and Strategies

And those are my top five YouTube channels for marketers! I deliberately picked creators who not only provide useful and diverse content but who also may not be on a marketer’s radar already. These channels provide “big picture” perspectives rather than hard skills, which can arguably take you farther.

That said, if you’re looking for some YouTube Channels Marketers that can help you develop those hard skills, I have a few other recommendations:

  • Datasaurus Rex teaches some really great data visualization techniques. His upload schedule isn’t as frequent as some other channels, but his videos are usually good quality and very helpful.
  • Christopher Penn answers some of the most common questions among beginning marketers. He’s a senior marketer with a lot of industry experience, so his word is gold!
  • The Google Cloud Tech channel will keep you up-to-date on Google’s latest for all of their cloud products (including their marketing tools). Get product news, introductory tutorials , use case demonstrations and more!
  • The Coding Train  from Daniel Shiffman teaches coding in real time with a fun, cute video style. I learned so much from him when I started learning JavaScript, and his tutorials cover a wide range of applications.
  • And then last but not least, Social Media Examiner provides tips and tricks on the different marketing channels across social media. Their lessons cover platform updates and great strategies for improving your marketing plan.

There are so many great channels available for marketers to learn from. This is a pretty short list that marketers can use as a jumping-off point, but I’d love to know some of your favorite learning resources.

What are your favorite YouTube Channels Marketer to learn about marketing? Which ones have given you ideas for big picture campaigns, and which have taught you specialized skills that you use in your implementation? Leave us a comment!


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