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Unlock the Power of Data in Just 1 Hour with Looker Studio!

Your Fast-Track Guide to Data Visualization Mastery

Feeling overwhelmed by data? Struggling with complex tools? Look no further. Our beginner-friendly course is designed to make you a Looker Studio pro in just one hour. Navigate, create, and style reports with ease and confidence.

Discover how we tackle the most common challenges head-on.

Do these resonate with you?

Overwhelmed by Data

Drowning in data but don't know how to make sense of it?

Complex Tools

Tired of complicated tools that require a Ph.D. in computer science?

Lack of Insights

Creating reports but not sure how to turn them into actionable insights?

You’re not alone, and we have the perfect solution for you!

Your One-Hour Solution to Data Mastery

Fast-Track Your Way to Data Visualization Success with Looker Studio

Fresh off addressing those all-too-common data dilemmas, we’re thrilled to present the perfect antidote: a one-hour, beginner-friendly course that’s laser-focused on making you a Looker Studio pro.

Heres What You Will Gain

Core Fundamentals

Get the basics down pat and navigate Looker Studio like it's second nature.

Pro-Level Reports

Create reports that look good and offer deep, actionable insights.

Design Flair

Add a touch of advanced design techniques to make your reports truly stand out.

Course Outline

Quick Start Guide

The Looker Studio course is focused on empowering beginners and experts in data visualization and analysis. It offers a comprehensive guide to the platform's key features, including accessing and navigating the homepage, utilizing data connectors, and creating customized reports using pre-built templates.

Data Connection

This Looker Studio tutorial provides an in-depth walkthrough of the platform's interface, focusing on connecting to various data sources, managing and customizing reports, and utilizing a range of chart options. It also introduces the concept of connectors, explaining the different types available for integrating data from platforms like Google Analytics and Google Sheets.

Choosing & Building Charts

This tutorial dives into the intricacies of building charts in Looker Studio, emphasizing the importance of dimensions, and metrics in data visualization. It covers essential chart types like table charts, line charts, bar charts, scorecards, and geo charts, while also offering pro tips for effective visualizations, such as adding comparisons and cross-filtering options.

Create Eye-Catching Dashboards

The tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on creating and customizing dashboards in Looker Studio, covering everything from setting up new reports to adding intricate elements like scorecards and date range selectors. It also delves into advanced features such as adding custom dimensions, metrics, and even creating a navigation menu, making it a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to master Looker Studio's dashboard capabilities.

Master Advanced Features

The tutorial walks through the process of creating a comprehensive dashboard in Looker Studio, focusing on various types of charts like time series, geo charts, and bar charts. It also covers advanced customization options such as styling borders, enabling cross-filtering, and adding filters for source and medium, providing a holistic guide for anyone looking to create data-driven dashboards.

Clearing the Air

Addressing your concerns head on

I'm not tech-savvy.

No worries! This course is designed for beginners and taught in an instructional way.

I don't have time to learn a new tool.

The course is just 1 hour long. Learn at your own pace! And keep coming back to refresh the basics.

I've tried other courses & they didn't help.

Our hands-on approach ensures immediate learning.

Is this course up-to-date?

Absolutely! It was created in August 2023 so it is very fresh.

Meet Your Instructor

Eric Huguenin

Eric Huguenin

Analytics Trainer

Eric is a highly skilled Analytics Trainer, who specializes in teaching individuals the ins and outs of Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, and Looker Studio. With a focus on Looker Studio, Eric is dedicated to providing his students with the knowledge and tools they need to master this powerful analytics platform. As a passionate marketer and digital analytics buff, Eric is always on the cutting edge of the latest marketing measurement strategies. His ability to break down complex marketing topics into more manageable pieces makes him a highly sought-after trainer.

Despite his expertise in analytics and marketing, Eric’s passions extend beyond the technical realm. He is a lover of language and culture, and he can often be found lost somewhere in nature.

Real Stories, Real Success

See what our students are saying about their transformative journey with MeasureSchool.

In my opinion, MeasureSchool is the best resource on the internet for marketers that need to get technical with analytics!

Francesco Cifardi

This is an incredible community and fountain of knowledge for measuring website and digital marketing performance

Melque Pires

Digital Specialist at Wiley

Marketers without coding knowledge, like me, can now track many things themselves without depending on help from developers.​

Mike Montefusco

Personal Trainer

Unlock Your Data Potential Without Breaking the Bank

Our Best Pricing

We believe in the quality and impact of our courses so much that we’re offering this Looker Studio Mastery course at an introductory price of just $47. Our goal? To give you a taste of the exceptional value we provide, so you’ll consider joining our other in-depth courses. It’s our way of saying ‘Welcome to the family.’ High-quality learning shouldn’t break the bank, and we’re here to prove it.

Looker Studio Mastery Course

$ 47 for a Lifetime
  • One-Time Payment
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • FREE Updates
  • Ongoing Support

Friendly Ask Question

Yes, this course is designed with beginners in mind. You don’t need any prior experience with Looker Studio or data visualization to get started.

With your one-time payment of $47, you’ll have lifetime access to the course material, including any future updates for one year.

We offer a 14-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, simply reach out to us for a full refund.

All you need is a computer and internet access. The course is fully online, and we’ll guide you through setting up Looker Studio.

Yes, you’ll have access to our private community forum where you can ask questions, share your work, and get feedback from instructors and fellow students.

No, the $47 covers everything you need for this course, including all lessons, bonus material, and community access. There are no hidden fees or upsells.

Don't Miss Out on This Game-Changing Opportunity

Julian can’t wait for you to join our Looker Studio course. With lifetime access, a money-back guarantee, and a community of like-minded learners, there’s no better time to invest in your data skills. Click below to secure your spot at our special introductory price of just $47!