Habits for data-driven marketers | Tips from Experts at Measurecamp

What is the #1 skill to build as a data-driven marketer?

We had the chance to attend Measurecamp in London, which is also known as the ‘World’s best analytics unconference”. We asked 5 experts for their opinion on what skill or habit you should build as a data-driven marketer in 2017.

Experts seen in the video:

00:57 Peter O’Neill (Founder of Measurecamp)
01:43 Jonathon Hibbitt (Web Analyst at Site Visibility)
02:05 Krista Seiden (Analytics Advocate at Google)
02:25 Phil Pearce (Freelance PPC/SEO/Web Analyst)
03:25 Simo Ahava (Senior Data Advocate at Reaktor)
04:12 Jono Alderson (Principal Consultant at Distilled)

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In this video, we asked some measure experts what they think is the number one habit or skill that you should build as a data-driven marketer. All or more coming up, right after this. Hi there, and welcome to another video of measureschool.com where we teach you the data-driven way of digital marketing. My name is Julian and on this channel, we do marketing tech reviews, tutorials and the occasional interviews just like this one. So if you haven’t yet, considere subscribing. 

Now, recently we went to Measurecamp in London to hear the newest trends in measurement, but also talk to some measure experts. And we took our camera gear with us so we could capture some footage for you guys. And we asked the experts out there, what is the number one habit or skill that is important to build as a data-driven marketer. And here’s what they said. – In a way, it’s to think about the data. It’s not about data at all. It’s about the stories, and answering business questions.

The whole point of analytics isn’t cred reports, statistics, it’s not that. It’s to help your companies make more money. Depressing, but true. So, everything you do is focusing on what impact can this have? What business actions can it change? What questions did it answer? Having a measure focus the whole way through gives a purposely analytics to a more vary of people. 

And then it becomes setting your skills. Your skills aren’t how to analyze data better. That’s where you start off. As you mature and evolve as an analyst, you’re, of course, going, I can do this in the work. How to tell a story better, how do I help out more people I come meet to use the information as part of their jobs to help the company make more money? – You really need to be looking at you analytics daily. You need to know the key KPIs, the things that matter to the business or the website owner. You need to make sure you got those transcribed to goals, and that you’re tracking those as either events or goals in Google Analytics. You need to pay close attention to those, really to the exclusion of everything else. – That is also a good question. I think that it’s really important to understand what you’re trying to accomplish with data, so start with a measurement plan, and really be sure that the KPIs, or the key performance indicators for your business, the data that you need to answer those or report on them is being collected. I think that’s really fundamental. – A habit that I do or use, I’m naturally curious, as an analyst.

The way that I also kind of figure things out or learn is actually to ask questions. It’s good because it’s like, both it proves that I understand it because I’m asking stuff I generally want to know, and it also, it’s a way of learning quicker as well. The worse possible situation is if I’m stuck in a talk and I can’t ask questions. Because then I’m a bit like a rabbit, like I want to ask a question! You want to know the answer. That’s the way that I, that’s why I find this sort of stuff interesting. And I’m only asking questions that I generally don’t know answers to myself, and I generally want to find the answers out for. So I guess, hopefully that’s why I found a legend mug. 

Woo hoo! – Being ridiculously critical about all the advice they hear online. That’s like the number one skill. It’s not just about analytics, it’s all professions. People have a tendency to exaggerate and tend to hyperbole when they’re writing online material, myself included. It’s really, really important that when somebody’s learning the ropes, in GA for example, that they actually take the time to understand how the tool works rather than just copy, paste solutions they find online. It’s so important to understand the mechanisms of the tool. 

Otherwise, you’re just kind of building on, building on faulty assumptions, and your ending mark is even worse assumptions in the end. So just being really, really critical about everything you learn, and trying to understand the why’s and the how’s instead of just kind of copy, pasting the stuff you find. – So I’d challenge all of the standard metrics, ignore things like bounce rates and conversion rates and time on page, and really drill down to understanding what’s important for me, my business, my context, my consumers. And then starting to do things like set targets and forecast against those, and ignore all of the things that tool does out of the box, and really design your own success criteria. It’s the same answer. 

Alright, so there you have it. Staying curious, being critical of the advice that is out there on the internet, but also challenging the measurement, but also what goes into the data, the assumptions that go into the data, are very important skills to build over time in your data-driven marketing career. What do you think, do you agree? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. And hey, if you like this video and you think it’s useful for somebody who’s just starting out in digital analytics, please go ahead and share this video, and also subscribe to this channel, because we’ll bring you new videos every Wednesday. My name is Julian, till next time.


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