The Best Ways to Learn Google Tag Manager (+Resources)

Looking for more Google Tag Manager resources to help you improve your GTM knowledge? If you’re ready to expand your GTM skills beyond the basics, check out this overview of our resource guide that will give you the tools you need to succeed!

Google Tag Manager is not a “book skill”—you can’t just read the manual and become an expert.

Instead, you’ll have to learn by doing. This means lots of practice and lots of solving your own problems. And if you want to acquire a new GTM skill, you’ll usually have to teach it to yourself.

But self-learning doesn’t mean that you’re alone!

This post is a summary of our “GTM Resource Guide” eBook. This resource guide is a one-stop shop of Google Tag Manager tools, experts, and documentation—all available for free. To see the full list of resources go get the eBook here!

In this collection of resources, you can find solutions and strategies discovered by others that can help you learn Google Tag Manager for yourself.

You’ll also find communities and GTM leaders who can help you troubleshoot your implementations, plus specialized tools that can take your tracking to the next level.

Ready for a preview of what’s inside? Let’s dive in!

Self-Teaching: Blogs, Videos, and Books

While GTM isn’t a “book skill,” reading (or watching) other GTM users’ experiences can give you perspective and demonstrate skills that you want to build. Sometimes, if you’re really lucky, someone will describe the solution to the exact challenge you’re facing!

In our resource guide, we’ll point you to our favorite bloggers, YouTubers, and authors on GTM problems. These people document their workflows, describe their solutions, and are usually on the cutting edge of changes or updates that affect your tracking.

It’s worth noting that due to the nature of book publication, even the most comprehensive books may become out-of-date after major updates to GTM. But it’s easy to subscribe to blogs and YouTube channels, which will give you bite-sized information as soon as it’s available.

And when you\ combine all three elements in your research, you’ll be in the best position to learn and excel in GTM.

Getting GTM Help: Communities and Experts

Depending on your implementation, sometimes you’ll run into problems that it seems like no one else is dealing with. You haven’t found a solution on any blogs or YouTube channels, so what’s next?

Other users! No matter how niche your problem seems, someone else has probably seen something similar.

There is a wealth of GTM knowledge in online communities, some of which is centered around a few industry icons. By querying broad communities of experienced GTM users and maybe a few specialists, you’re bound to get a gentle push in the right direction.

Doing More with GTM: Tools of the Trade

Finally, our resource guide is chock-full of tools to elevate your GTM game.

If you’ve every thought, “I wish I could do [this] with Google Tag Manager…” then someone’s probably built a tool to do just that.

Need a sandbox site to test your GTM skills? A user-friendly way to build custom Data Layers? How about a browser extension that lets you copy and paste entire containers across GTM accounts?

The resource guide includes downloads for all these and more. You can even add a dark mode to your GTM editor for late-night projects and browse our favorite tracking software.

Becoming a Master: More GTM Training

Even with so many resources, it can be tough to master GTM without a little help.

That’s why we’ve built a course specifically for people who’ve learned the basics of GTM but want to start on the path to mastery. Our GTM Beyond the Basics course provides structure and guidance to help you become a GTM expert.

This course includes access to your own demo sandbox website, a series of tracking challenges with solution guides, and access to previously recorded trainings that take a deeper look at GTM.

Or, to get access to this GTM Beyond the Basics course plus additional training in GTM, JavaScript, and Google Data Studio, plus a dedicated community, workshops and events, training challenges, extra lessons, and even more resources, check out our MeasureMasters program!


So there you have it! This resource guide includes all my favorite resources for diving deeper into Google Tag Manager.

There’s always tons more to learn Google Tag Manager and about measurement in general. With new updates changing the measurement game all the time, you can put yourself in the best position to succeed by keeping this resource guide handy.

Do you have other resources that you would add to this guide? How else do you like to teach yourself to use tools like GTM? Leave us a comment down below!


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