Getting Started with Event-Driven Analytics feat. Hussain Mehmood

Getting Started with Event-driven Analytics feat. Hussain Mehmood Analytics is entering a new age. Pageviews are out, Events are in. So what do you need to know about this new Event-driven Analytics world? How does an Event-driven data model work? What are the best practices for creating Events? In this video, Hussain Mehmood from Marketlytics will dive deep into Event-driven Analytics

00:00 – Introduction
00:07:34 – Start of Live Stream
00:12:13 – Start of Presentation – Intro
00:14:15 – What are events?
00:21:29 – Components of an Event
00:28:01 – How to structure Events
00:37:17 – Good vs. Better Events
00:40:37 – Document Events
00:41:10 – Events in Tools
00:54:11 – User Attributes + Events
01:01:23 – Common Datasets
01:02:09 – Use Cases
01:04:39 – Summary – Learning
01:20:52 – Whats Next?



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