Taking a break….

With over 90K subscribers, our channel has grown in 2019 beyond our dreams. We are honored and grateful to everyone for watching our videos and making 2019 great. This coming new year, Measureschool will be taking a break on producing weekly videos and concentrate on new and exciting projects. We promise you’d love it!

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I’m taking a break.

Hey there measuregeeks. Julian here back with another video. Today, we have a little bit of an update to this channel. Now, you’re probably watching this around Christmas. So if you celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas. And we are right before a new decade here of 2020. So the updates are coming in for the next year of what we are planning here at Measureschool as well. So before we get started on why I want to take a break, you probably have seen it in the title already. Let’s rewind a little bit and see how the year 2019 went. In 2019, we have published over 53 videos here on this channel which means roughly a video a week which makes me really happy that we could stay so consistent. You have watched these videos. We racked up over 2 million views alone in 2019 on these videos, and you have watched over 135,000 hours on this channel. Crazy, right? who watches these videos? Well, it makes me really happy. Thank you for watching our videos.

At the same time last year, we have launched our YouTube membership and new feature within YouTube. So there are few people who have already signed up down below on the Join button and are contributing to this channel. But also getting new videos each week extra tutorials here on YouTube. Thank you for supporting us.. And off YouTube, we also had a successful year with our measuremasters membership or more exclusive content with courses with community around this. I’m really happy that I could see the measuremasters blossom in 2019 and made it a great year for them and me. So shout out to the measuremasters as well. Overall, thank you, thank you, thank you for the year 2019. We have certainly come a long way.

So I started producing these videos around five years ago, in December 2014. I actually went on camera for the first time and thought, okay, let’s just do this. And yeah, we have been pretty consistent over the time producing a video each week which also led to this stock increase of subscribers. We are now over community of 90,000 people that subscribe to this channel. So thank you again for this. And we’ll hopefully we’ll get to the 100k mark in a few months. Just mind boggling how this channel has grown and people are still interested in this topic. At the same time, you might imagine it hasn’t been easy. Producing content on such a consistent basis is something that takes a lot of stamina. Not only from my side I have to research then I have to put this into video form. So record it. There are video editors that can take care of the editing of the video and then the upload, finding all the links, putting all the resources together. A lot of time is spent on one video, I had some help along the way with some contributors to the channel. So shout out to those as well. Thank you for being on the channel. But at the same time, as we became a little bit better, hopefully over the years, I mean, I cringe when I look back at the videos from 2014. Then you might know that our quality increased. I always want to up the quality somehow. And we got better in producing these videos by the process of how we are editing but also the format of the videos and how I’m explaining hopefully as well. And therefore this led to this increase.

Now, what I could do is just make it a little bit easier on myself and do less good videos. But I feel that what makes Measureschool Measureschool is really the video quality as well. So let me know if you agree down below in the comments. That said, our process is far from an automatic process that you might see in a news production also don’t have that big of a team. And it’s a lot of still hands-on work from my side. Doesn’t really help that YouTube is pushing this as well. The algorithm wants us to produce videos over and over again. Wants us to update videos, wants us to bring out more and more content for us to be more successful on YouTube. I don’t blame them per se, but it has been very straining on YouTubers in general. Now I don’t do blogs but you might know some other YouTubers out there that have been really burned out by this constant production stream.

So leading up into 2020 I want to announce that I’m taking a little bit of a break. What does this actually mean? Well, you can expect really less videos on this channel. Starting with a bigger break in January. But then from time to time, I want to pop up and put some more videos out there. Because this is really what I love doing. I have the production process. I know how to do this. And it is the fun, but I only want to do it if I have really something to say and if it’s really good content that I want to produce and put into video form for you guys. At the same time, This frees me up to take on new projects, other projects, different projects that I couldn’t be doing when I’m just concentrating on this video form, like our website. Now measureschool.com will be revamped in the year 2020. And we will have more content on there, more cool resources, tools, blog posts that you should check out as well. So if you are not yet subscribed to Measureschool.com. Then head down below, there’s a link to our newsletter signup.

Now, to be honest, this is a little bit risky for me. It’s a little bit scary as well because I’ve been doing this for so long and it’s really become my routine over the years. But I think this will open us up to a whole new level of being able to communicate with you guys, build out the community as well. And I’d love to hear from you if you have any suggestions of what I should be doing with Measureschool.com, which avenues I should go down, which topics I should be researching and diving into which technologies so I will be able to serve you better, which is really my goal as a whole as well. So for now, it’s a little bit sad that this is the last video on this channel in this period. But I would rather say this is the wrapping up of season one or season two and we will start with something new in the New Year 2020. So this has been Measureschool 2019. I hope you stay with us and stay excited for what is coming out in 2020. Happy New Year if you see this in the new year or if you’re about to go into the new year. And if you haven’t yet, subscribe to our channel right over there because we bring you new videos in 2020. Now, my name is Julian. Till next time

Ask me Anything w/ Julian

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