YouTube Instructor (Digital Marketing)

Are you an expert in Google Sheets? GTM? Google Analytics? Tracking? Marketing Automation? Do you want to share your knowledge with a 125k+ YouTube audience of advanced Marketers who will trust you?

The demand is growing for education in digital marketing – and we can’t keep up with the demand! In our opinion, the best way to learn is by learning from someone you like and trust. 

Our brand is in a unique position to be trusted and authority in the data-driven marketing space. We are looking to expand our instructor team and build up a new mentor figure for our students. Would you like that to be you?

Who we are

Hi there, I’m Julian. I’m a Digital Analyst, Technical Marketer, YouTuber and founder of – the prime destination for Marketers to learn all about Tracking, Analytics, and Marketing Tech. Since 2014 our site and YouTube channel have quickly grown to become an authority for technically minded and data-driven marketers all around the world. We are gearing up for another exciting year. Do you want to come along?

MeasureSchool is a small (remote) company built by passion and the love for the art of tracking. This means that it is the perfect place to try out new ideas, see your results in action and learn a ton. You will be able to create and own projects from beginning to end and see the immediate impact of the work you do.

What is this opportunity?

We are searching for a Digital Marketing Instructor who can create new and exciting learning material for our audience. This role involves researching and creating new videos. You will be presenting these  LIVE and pre-recorded videos in front of our 125k+ YouTube audience and able to learn new skills while teaching others.

Are you up for the challenge?

Here is what some of your responsibilities would involve:

  • Researching video topics and keeping tabs on popular topics in the industry
  • Planning and scripting videos
  • Recording videos for distribution on our YouTube Channel and for online courses
  • Producing Live Streams together with guests
  • Supporting students by answering questions 
  • Working closely with team members on discussing potential topic ideas and being involved in the publishing process on YouTube

Who is this for?

To be upfront: Being a video creator can be overwhelming at first. To get format, tone and content right, we’ll need to experiment and try things out. We, therefore, expect you to be persistent in shipping content on a regular and incorporate feedback that you receive. This requires focus, hustle, and persistence. 

Why you should join us

Apart from being able to work remote (you can work from wherever you want – you can sit at home and work in your underwear if you wish so…), we think you will enjoy these benefits:

  • Share your passion, knowledge and learnings with a dedicated audience of marketers who are hungry to learn
  • Become an authority and a subject matter expert in your field
  • Learn and grow your skillset while getting paid (competitively)
  • Use our channels as your creative outlet. If you have an idea in mind that would benefit the audience, let’s bring it to life and make it a reality!
  • Work with an awesome team to take over post-production of your content, so you can concentrate on teaching
  • We will provide you with video production equipment (camera, mic, etc.) to create high-quality content

You will also need some of these skills

You are driven by your passion to teach and share

While creating content is an important part of your role you also need the knowledge to speak from authority and a standpoint of an instructor. It’s therefore peril to your job to stay up to date on everything that’s going on in your area of expertise and actively engage in the conversations happening around you. In return, this will fuel your creation of new content.

You already know what’s involved in creating quality content

Content creation goes through several stages. You are comfortable to get an idea to publication, follow a process and push through roadblocks. Ideally, you have created videos or other content yourself before and know what is involved.

You need to be a detail-oriented person

You will be the one who researches, creates and support your content. This requires precise communication and an eye for detail. Our audience notices everything and while we can change things later, we prefer getting things right the first time.

You need to be a doer

Since our team is still very small, there is no one to do your work for you. Yet, there is always something to create or improve. You will be part of building up the processes, team and projects and we’ll need you to be actively “doing” to take on tasks that produce results. Ideally, you always prioritize and find things to do that move things forward.

You need to be a communicator

We work remotely, therefore face time is limited. In order to know where your project stands you will be using communication and management tools like Trello, Slack and Zoom. Good (preferably native) English is therefore necessary. 

You need to have your own drive

Working remote means freedom of choice when it comes to your workplace, but also means, there is not much hand-holding involved. We, therefore, need you to be self-disciplined, hardworking and driven to create an impact. When you hit a roadblock you have no problem communicating it to the team, staying open, transparent and expressing your ideas freely.

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