Community Manager

Hey there Measure Geek! Julian here…. And I’ll just skip a lengthy intro about myself and get right to it. 

As you know, 6 years ago I launched the YouTube channel and two years ago the membership community MeasureMasters. Over the years we have brought together some top marketers to learn the data-driven way and give them opportunities to grow. In our everlasting drive to help our members to become better marketers, we are looking for a Community Manager.

What is the opportunity?

So imagine the day you open up your email and see the ‘You’ve been hired’ subject line from us. What happens next?

Well after your (virtual) welcome party –  you’re going to be jumping in and learning both the soft and hard technical skills of what it takes to build and run a digital business today.  As a flexible thinker , you’re going to be taking ownership of a variety of growth related tasks. We’ll support you as much as possible and some of the work will include

  • Communicating with our members to help them in any way possible
  • Researching the best answers to hard hitter community questions
  • Creating a weekly newsletter to summarize activity of the community
  • Help facilitate connections between members
  • Conducting surveys and analyzing them to improve the membership experience
  • Report on membership KPIs and student engagement
  • Build valuable relationships with partners to conduct Guest Trainings for us

And while you are at it, you will learn a ton of Measurement, Analytics and Tracking! This allows you to add a much in-demand specialised and future proof skill-set – while gaining first hand experience as part of our team.

Who is this for?

To be upfront: This isn’t for everyone.

The position is full time  and we want you to have a real impact on the organization, which requires focus, hustle and persistence. 

Please ask yourself these questions before applying to make sure you’re a good fit.

Am I a good learner?

We are willing to teach you(we are an education first company after all) but you also have to be a good learner. Sometimes you will do research or try to figure something out on your own, which can be frustrating at times. But we need you to push through and make things happen. 

Am I a (aspiring) MeasureGeek?

Terms like Pageviews, Conversion Rate, Event Tracking are already in your vocabulary and you want to expand your knowledge and hands on experience by working in an analytics-focused company.

Are my technical skills up to scratch?

The position is not technical, but for today’s digital marketing you’re going to need rudimentary technical skills. It definitely helps to know how to build a website and be familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and WordPress. 

Is my written communication good enough?

Not only will we communicate a lot in the written form (Email, Chat) but you will also be checking and writing content for our marketing material. A perfect (preferably native) writing skill is therefore necessary.   

Am I self-driven?

Working location independent means freedom of choice when it comes to your workplace, but also means, there won’t be colleagues in the same room to work alongside you. We therefore need you to be self-disciplined, hard working and driven to have an impact.

What’s in it for you?

Apart from working remote (you can work from wherever you want – you can sit at home and work in your underwear if you wish so…), we think you will enjoy these benefits:

  • Gain hands-on practical Tracking & Analytics experience working on a growing business.
  • Be surrounded by our wonderful members and some of the best minds in the industry (including our guest trainers).
  • We invest in you to improve with (online) trainings, conferences and making connections in the industry.
  • Be part of an exciting startup that is known by 90k+ marketers, where you get to learn from the owner and directly impact the business & students with your work.
  • Competitive compensation

How to apply? 

We just need 3 things from you to get the process started:

  1. Your CV
  2. Link to your Website / LinkedIn or any other social profiles
  3. A short Loom video where you introduce yourself and tell us why you think you are the right fit for becoming our community manager

Please submit all of these via our application form.

Looking forward to hearing from you,