Ask me Anything w/ Julian

00:00 – Intro & welcome
07:35 – 48 Hour Pass & MeasureMasters overview
18:23 – Can you analyse complete visitor journey in Google Analytics?
22:45 – Can you make video on SEO for site built on JavaScript?
24:20 – How can you append GA click ID to another domain where the conversion takes place?
26:15 – Can I use the 48 Hour MeasurePass later on after I purchase it?
27:35 – Can I pause the 48 Hour MeasurePass?
28:20 – Can I access the content that is on MeasureMasters after the Pass expires?
28:45 – For the 48 Hour MeasurePass, will I have direct access to Julian?
29:08 – Can I buy this 48 Hour MeasurePass later?
29:33 – How do we use the client id of one site on another property?
32:57 – What are the main KPIs you’ve noticed for B2B and B2C?
34:16 – Is there a way to track button clicks on one specific page?
36:15 – Can I separate site search for 2 search boxes?
38:15 – Do you recommend Smart Goals in Google Analytics?
40:32 – Should you use gtag and Tag Manager at the same time?
41:26 – Should I use Commerce Tracking form setup?
43:42 – What happens if someone shares a link with UTM parameters?
47:08 – Can I edit meta tag data code using GTM?
50:30 – How did you get started in digital marketing?
54:18 – Do you play guitar?
55:18 – How was DMSS Digital Marketing conference?
58:00 – Can you create a UTM that dynamically fills in the source of traffic?
1:00:49 – What you you think of Google Big Query?
1:03:36 – Do you have videos on Custom JS Variables?
1:04:50 – How to best use GTM templates?
1:07:04 – What do you think about the future of backlinks?

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